Small size flat heat press machine 38x38cm

Small size manual operate flat heat press machine 38x38cm

38x38 premium flat heat press machine for sublimation, imported and certified.Applied for sublimation products such as T-shirts, stones, picture frames and etc ... Durability of the resistance , easy adjustment of pressure, hardly presents any problem in the display or structure, low power consumption.



Name:   heat press machine (38x38cm)
Material: iron, aluminum plate, silica gel plate, LED display
Voltage: 110V/220V 
Power:   1800W
Temperature range: 0-220 degrees
Time range: 0-999S time
Stamping area: 38x38cm 
Gross weight: 25KG
Packing size: 82*46*45CM



Temperature and time——Adjustable according transfer materials.

Power switch——Control start up and shutdown

Fuse——Overload protection,Easyto replace

Cable——High temperature resistance,easy to check and replace

Pressure regulating handwheel——Adjust the pressure to improve the transfer effect

Adjusting heating plate Level——With flatbed silicone,high temperature resistance,making the bottom plate more level

Double handle——Convenient operation and labor-saving



T-shirt, fashionable home textile


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