Pneumatic double-station heat press machine  40 * 60cm

Pneumatic double-station heat press machine 40 * 60cm

With the flat transfer press, any image and letter can be transferred onto the ceramic, glass, or metal objects as well as T-shirt, basically for almost all the flat objects which can be heated.The initial investment is small and the machine's size makes it flexible. It can be easily used in department stores, clothing stores, shopping streets, parks, as well as family operations.




pneumatic double heat press machine (40 x 60cm)


iron, aluminum plate, silica gel plate, LED display





Temperature range:

0-220 degrees

Time range:

0-999S time

Stamping area:

40 x 60cm

Net / Gross weight: 80/97KG


Packing size:

68 x 70 x 73/18 x 13 x 115cm



1.Electronic digital thermostat temperature control, high accuracy (± 2 °C).

2.It adopts imported thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy casting principle, power,temperature uniformity,temperature coefficient is small.

3.Electronic time control, process shows signal after the completion of instructions.

4.Pressure and temperature adjustable.

5.It employs the technology of line slide track and characterizes in heat plate move,non-move chasis,good stamping & stable position.



This machine with double stations, fast convenient, labor-saving and it’s very professional for all kinds of sublimation, pictures and characters , by transferring in the textile, leather products. Also for velvet cloth and foam heat transfer printing, Widely used for clothing, umbrellas, advertising, footwear, underwear, swimming wear, toys and handicrafts of the sublimation transfer etc.

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