Factors that can decide the quality of sublimation paper

factors that can decide the quality of sublimation paper


Shanghai Vision Sublimation paper for Sawgrass printer users

In the markets, for sublimation heat transferring, different customers using different desktop printers. For desktop Ink Jet printers, there are some famous brands as EPSON, Canon, HP, Brother, Sawgrass etc. And we have received complains from customers that our sublimation heat transfer papers works poorly with Sawgrass printers.

Feb 09,2021

Why choose our Stepper Motor Automatic Contour Cutting Plotter?

ow we use Contour Cutting with ARMS, and the system is ''SIGNMASTER''.  The interface is simpler, the operation is simpler, and it is easier for novices to get started. Moreover, our machine uses the camera to patrol the edge. For the reflective material, the infrared patrol is difficult to fix the position, but the camera could do it.

Feb 04,2021

Tattoo Sticker/Body Sticker

More and more people like tatoo sticker to DIY their own tatoo, we have blank tatoo sticker sheets for you.

Jan 29,2021

How to distinguish whether Sublimation Paper is High Quality?

We use sublimation transfer paper transfer on fabric. First, we print patterns on transfer paper, and then use heat and pressure to transfer the image to the fabric.

Jan 22,2021

The difference between dye sublimation printing and other printing systems

The difference between dye sublimation printing and other printing systems

Jan 14,2021

How to Store Sublimation Transfer Paper Correctly to Extend Its Service Life ?

The viscous sublimation transfer paper must be sealed and stored, and the original plastic bag should be sealed and stored as soon as possible.

Jan 07,2021

The Impacts of Temperature on Wide Format Inkjet Printers

With the advancement of China's inkjet printer technology, China's domestic large-format inkjet printers have gradually occupied the domestic market. When choosing, more and more people will choose more cost-effective home inkjet printers, which also attracts many foreign inkjet printer customers.

Dec 31,2020

What is the gram of VISION sublimation paper roll ?

Naturally, the weight reflects not only the thickness but likewise the weight and strength of the paper. Through the build-up of experience, we can pick the suitable weight when purchasing paper.

Dec 24,2020

Introduction à l'impression DTF

Comme nous le savons tous, Shanghai Vision a promu DTF Materials sur les marchés, de nombreux clients peuvent avoir des problèmes avec cette technologie. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une introduction pour en savoir plus.

Dec 18,2020

The Precautions of Film Free Waterslide Decal Paper

Our Film-free decal waterslide paper is our new developed DIY craft paper that prints or transfers the image on the products, with the film removed at the end.

Dec 11,2020

Introduction for DTF Printing

As we all know, Shanghai Vision promoted DTF Materials onto markets, may be many customers may have issues with this technology. Below are some introduction for you to know more.

Dec 03,2020

What do you think of dye sublimation transfer printing?

As we have seen, sublimation printing is a good choice for people who want to make clothing and other materials with full-color and high-quality graphics at the same time. There is almost no downtime, which results in every product being profitable and as many products as needed can be created.

Nov 27,2020

How to print portraits with sublimation transfer

As we all know, dye sublimation printing is very popular in modern clothing. Brightly colored clothes have attracted a lot of attention. Modern dye sublimation technology makes it easy to enter the world of digital clothing printing. The new progress of the sublimation printing system has brought high-definition printing quality, richer colors, faster printing speed and simplified graphics settings. In addition, the equipment price is still low enough to cover the start-up cost

Nov 19,2020

New Technology PET Film Digital Printing

New Technology PET Film Digital Printing: Before starting the operation, you need to prepare the following items: (Printer, textile pigment ink, hot melt adhesive powder, flat tray, printing PET film A3/A4)

Nov 12,2020

PET Printing Film

PET printing sheets are used in various large-format, high-precision, micro-piezo-electric inkjet output equipment, black and white in aerospace surveying and mapping, newspapers, books, silk screens, flexographic plates, trademarks, textiles, ceramic printing, glass printing, etc. And color printing plate making.

Nov 06,2020

Inkjet Iron Light Fabric Transfer Paper Instruction

Item needed : Computer vs Graphic design software Inkjet printer Inkjet light transfer paper Scissors or cutting plotter T-shirt 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend light colored fabric

Oct 29,2020

Shanghai Vision New PU Vent Hole Vinyl

Maybe many customer noticed that we promoted some special vinyl types onto different markets, and Vent Hole is one of the special types.

Oct 23,2020

Vision dye sublimation ink

Vision dye sublimation ink is based on the CMYK color spectrum, which stands for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, and prints down the yellow first, then magenta, then cyan, and finally black

Oct 10,2020

How to print portraits with sublimation transfer paper?

As we all know, dye sublimation printing is very popular in modern clothing.

Sep 30,2020

The Differences Between Sublimation And Heat Transfer

Sublimation is a process in which the water-based sublimation ink on the paper is printed by means of heat to the fabric or article, going from a solid state to a gaseous state. In other words, at the microscopic level it is like painting the shirt or item to be sublimated with a spray.

Sep 25,2020

Tips for OBM Subtextile

Tips for OBM Subtextile, which can transfer on dark fabric, cotton or non-cotton

Sep 18,2020

what's difference between high release sublimation printing paper and low release paper?

When most people talk about sublimation printing, they generally tend to talk about the inks or the printers or maybe the awesome varieties of sublimation blanks available. I would guess that most people spare little if any thought for the sublimation printing paper on which the transfers will be printed. This lack of thought about the paper you choose can be a serious oversight and have major consequences for the cost and quality of your printing.

Sep 11,2020

how to solve the curling problem of sublimation transfer paper

As we all know, sublimation transfer paper is a coated paper, made up with two important parts : the base paper and the sublimation coating, which all have contains moisture. When you put the sublimation paper in a environment of dry air and high temperature, the moisture will evaporate. At this time, if the moisture of the base paper and the coating evaporate inconsistently, the paper will curl. The process of the moisture evaporation, we call it ‘scalability’. Once crimped, paper can scratch and damage the printer's sprinkler head.

Sep 02,2020

Impacts of Temperature on Wide Format Inkjet Printers

With the advancement of China's inkjet printer technology, China's domestic large-format inkjet printers have gradually occupied the domestic market. When choosing, more and more people will choose more cost-effective home inkjet printers, which also attracts many foreign inkjet printer customers.

Aug 28,2020

VISION Live Stream Beijing time: 9:00-11:00 on 24th August

VISION Live Stream Beijing time: 9:00-11:00 on 24th August

Aug 21,2020

Glitter Inkjet Dark Transfer Paper

Papel de transferencia oscuro de inyección de tinta con brillo

Aug 14,2020

What is the difference between A3 cell phone protective film plotter and the A3 thermal transfer vinyl plotter?

Quelle est la différence entre le traceur de film protecteur de téléphone portable A3 et le traceur de vinyle de transfert thermique A3? Comme nous le savons tous, à l'exception du vinyle de transfert de chaleur, du papier de transfert de chaleur et des machines d'approvisionnement de Shanghai Vision. Tels que la presse à chaud, le traceur de découpe, etc. Et parmi ces traceurs de découpe, ils ont 2 types de traceurs spéciaux. Ils se ressemblent, mais les fonctions sont différentes, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Aug 07,2020

VISION Inkjet Glitter Dark papel de transferencia de calor oscuro

En la actualidad, el papel de transferencia de calor oscuro VISION inkjet glitter es solo de tipo oscuro, sin luz, se usa principalmente para algodón, lino, algodón de poliéster y otras telas, no adecuado para tela de poliéster, se puede usar para máquina de estampado en caliente y hierro para transferir.

Jul 31,2020

Something about New Type Vision Printable PU Vinyl

About New Type Vision Printable PU Vinyl, it is printed by Inkjet printer with Eco-solvent ink, and use cutting plotter to cut the designs, peel off the no need parts, then use transfer film transfer the designs onto the film, lastly, use heat press machine to heat transfer onto garments.

Jul 24,2020

Why should we need to test the sublimation transfer paper sample before order ?

Sublimation transfer paper sample testing is really important in sublimation printing. If you need a large amount procurement of sublimation paper, we recommend you to get some samples and arrange a testing first.

Jul 17,2020

What to consider before choosing a heat press machine?

What to consider before choosing a hot press? All you have to do is consider the key factors that will make your purchase more productive.

Jul 10,2020


VISION HOT STAMP FOIL / HEAT TRANSFER FOIL que está hecho de película de poliéster (PET) y la superficie está recubierta con múltiples capas de composición de recubrimiento químico de un material bronceador.

Jul 02,2020

El resultado brillante del papel de transferencia de auto deshierbe

Actualmente, en mi empresa hay un papel brillante de transferencia de auto deshierbe para cumplir con los requisitos de los clientes.

Jun 22,2020

Live Preview of Shanghai Vision Alibaba Online Live Show

Live Preview of Shanghai Vision Alibaba Online Live Show

Jun 15,2020

The questions about transferring on mugs

The questions about transferring on mugs

Jun 09,2020

Something about Vision A3 cutting plotter

As we all know, except sublimation transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer papers, Shanghai Vision can also supply all our customers heat press machines, and cutting plotters. For our cutting plotters, we have different sizes for options, we have A3 cutter, 720 cutter, 1350 cutter. Well, today, I’m sharing something about our A3 mini cutting plotter.

Jun 01,2020

How to distinguish whether Sublimation Paper is High Quality?

We use sublimation transfer paper transfer on fabric. First, we print patterns on transfer paper, and then use heat and pressure to transfer the image to the fabric. The following are some important factors that can help you find the best quality sublimation paper:

May 26,2020

Something about Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper with SAWGRASS Printer

En los últimos días, nuestro colega de control de calidad realizó una gran cantidad de impresiones de Experiment of Vision Sublimation Transfer Papers por la serie SAWGRASS. Y hoy, permítanos compartir algunos puntos sobre los experimentos.

May 18,2020

OBM Transfer Paper

What is OBM Transfer Paper? Briefly speaking, it is used with Sublimation Transfer Paper, and help Sublimation Transfer Paper transfer on cotton fabric.

May 11,2020

Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cómo hacer que el vinilo luminoso de transferencia de calor brille Como todos sabemos, para satisfacer la demanda del cliente, existen varios tipos de vinilo de transferencia de calor. El vinilo de transferencia de calor luminoso es uno de los vinilos de transferencia de calor.

Apr 30,2020


Our VISION HEAT TRANSFER VINYL is divided into Printable vinyl and Unprintable vinyl, the former including PU Printable and PVC Printable, the latter including PU, PVC, LUMINOUS, REFLECTIVE, GLITTER, HOLOGRAM, METALLIC, 3D, FLOCK and so on .

Apr 24,2020

Something about sticky sublimation transfer papers

As we all know, Shanghai Vision is a manufacturer of sublimation transfer papers over 10 years. And for sublimation transfer paper, it is very widely used in different industries, such as textile (cloth, hat, shoes etc), Rock Frame, ceramic mugs, glass, plastic etc. And for sublimation transfer papers, it include fast dry sublimation transfer papers, sticky sublimation transfer papers. Today, we’d like to share some point about the sticky sublimation transfer papers.

Apr 14,2020

Dark Luminous Thermal Inkjet Transfer Paper

El papel de transferencia térmica oscuro luminoso VISION inkjet es nuestro papel de transferencia de impresión digital con efecto fluorescente recientemente desarrollado.

Apr 09,2020

Why is dye sublimation printing environmentally friendly?

Dye-sublimation printing has many obvious advantages, we can create a variety of designs, and the ink remains bright and vibrant on the substrate. However, what is usually overlooked is the environmental impact of sublimation printing.

Apr 01,2020

Inkjet luminous dark transfer paper

This paper simply uses desktop inkjet printers and easily operated. Just print the designed image on the paper, and then transfer it onto textiles.

Mar 24,2020

What determines the drying time of dye-sublimation paper?

As everyone knows, large-format sublimation printing is becoming more and more popular. However, there is a problem: because the dye sublimation paper cannot be completely dried in time, the production efficiency is not as fast as traditional dyeing. This problem slows down the production process even if the dye-sublimation plotter can print very quickly. Today's article will introduce the factors that determine the drying time of digital sublimation paper.

Mar 16,2020

The tips of A film No Cut Transfer Paper

Self-weeding Transfer Paper’s A&B must be used in complete sets. A is transparent film, matte surface is printing surface, back surface is smooth surface, B is still paper (gray VISION back printing, and the surface of B paper with film feel is for Transfer surface)

Mar 09,2020

The updated date of APPP EXPO 2020

Shanghai APPPEXPO will be scheduled at NECC from July 21-24, 2020

Mar 02,2020

What’s the difference between Sublimation transfer paper and inkjet transfer paper?

As we all know that there are many different types transfer papers. Such as Inkjet transfer papers, sublimation transfer papers, laser transfer papers, eco-solvent transfer papers etc.

Feb 26,2020

What Factor Affect The Sublimation Paper Printing

In sublimation print process,  moisture is important influencing factors, it affects the sublimation paper printing.

Feb 18,2020

What is the difference between 100gsm and 58gsm sublimation transfer paper for digital printing?

Podemos proporcionarle todos los artículos que necesita con alta calidad y precio competitivo.

Jan 21,2020

Dye-sublimation printing

It’s known to all, dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing technology in the market, whether in South America or North America, Europe, all are very popular.

Jan 13,2020

Why 100gsm is called basic temperature sublimation transfer paper?

100gsm is called basic sublimation paper, which is chosen not only because of its high quality, but also because it is widely used in a variety of fabrics and materials.

Jan 06,2020

PU heat transfer vinyl tips

Los consejos de vinilo de transferencia de calor de PU

Jan 02,2020

Why We Need High Quality Roll Sublimation Paper?

Roll Sublimation paper plays an important role in the last output satisfactory of our sublimated products. At the present, cheap dye sublimation paper is on hand in the market. However, never pick terrible sublimation paper for fee saving or you will lose more.

Dec 23,2019

How to use VISION OBM SUBLITEXTILE with scissor ?

It’s known to all, our VISION OBM SUBLITEXTILE is suitable for any fabrics, especially for dark cotton fabric. But there are few people know how to use VISION OBM SUBLITEXTILE clearly with scissors ? So today let’s see together.

Dec 18,2019

Several precautions for using sublimation transfer paper rolls

With the widespread use of thermal sublimation paper, more and more customers have begun to pay attention to factors affecting thermal sublimation paper, such as the drying speed of thermal sublimation, related printers, and so on.

Dec 14,2019

How to cut OBM sublitextile by cutting plotter

Our OBM sublitextile has 6 types material: Rough pearlescent, Satin pearlescent, Short velvet, Long Velvet, Elastic, Tatami, but not all material is suitable for cutting by cutting plotter. For Long Velvet and Elastic, it is better to cut with scissors.

Dec 12,2019

Metallic Laser Transfer Paper

Papel de transferencia metálico sin recubrimiento láser. ¿Alguna vez quieres transferir la taza en color dorado y plateado? ¿O estás buscando un tipo de papel para hacer que tu taza sea un poco especial?

Dec 09,2019

How to use Shanghai Vision PVC Card Sheet?

As we know, Shanghai Vision promoted a new type of heat transfer materials for cards, it can widely used in different types of cards as Student cards, Visitor Cards, Gift Cards, VIP Cards, Guarantee Cards etc. It is made of two different materials, printing materials and the intermediate materials.

Dec 02,2019

New Printable Vinyl of Shanghai Vision

As we all know that, Eco-solvent vinyl known as printable vinyl. And only this type is common in the market. It was printed and engraved by the spray and engraving machine. Then use heat press machine to transfer the designs into cloth.

Nov 27,2019

The Tips of PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

For our gold and silver color, when transfer printing, the temperature should be low, about 140-150℃, the pressure should be low, after tearing the PET film, must be in the same bronzing machine temperature and pressure conditions, then press about 5S, the effect will be better after pressing, if the temperature is too high will destroy the structure of it.

Nov 25,2019

Why does sublimation of printing paper scraping ink occur?

Algunas veces, durante sus procedimientos de Impresión digital, puede encontrarse con diferentes problemas, como que su impresora de sublimación pueda raspar la tinta cuando imprima papeles de transferencia de sublimación. Pero, ¿por qué se produce la sublimación de tinta de raspado de papel de impresión?

Nov 22,2019

High Sticky Sublimation Paper

There are two types of sublimation paper rolls, one is fast dry sublimation paper, the other one is sticky sublimation paper. If you don’t know the difference of them, I would like to tell you what’s difference between them.

Nov 18,2019

El Recubrimiento de Papel de Rollo de Sublimacion

Como todos sabemos, el papel de rollo de sublimación depende del papel normal (papel a base), y luego se hace un recubrimiento extraordinario con el objetivo de que la transferencia de calor, ejemplos y movimiento a la superficie que necesita. Sea como fuere, ¿qué le parece el revestimiento poco común de papel de sublimación de tinta?

Nov 11,2019

sublimation paper can custom backside

Sublimation paper in high quality.Most customers want to do their own logo in backside of sublimation paper

Nov 04,2019

Metallic Laser uncoated transfer paper

are you looking for a type of paper you can make your mug a little special?

Oct 28,2019

What’s the Effect of Cleaning Liquid in Wide Format Printers?

The cleaning fluid is inseparable from the use of the inkjet printer. The cleaning fluid is a kind of “detergent” formulated according to the characteristics of the ink. Its main functions are: strong scouring ability, solvency, and better fluency for ink in the pipe. Do you know how to use the cleaning fluid?

Oct 21,2019

Vision Tacky Sublimation Paper

Vision Tacky Sublimation Paper with its special tacky layer is suitable for sportswear and swimsuits. During the heat transfer process, the paper will stick to the surface of your product tightly and will eliminate the ghost due to movements of the transfer process.

Oct 14,2019

A + B No Cut Transfer Paper Update: A paper becomes to A film

Now we have successfully updated A paper to PET film, instead of white paper.

Oct 08,2019

How to effectively solve some common problems of Sublimation Transfer Paper?

How to effectively solve some common problems of Sublimation Transfer Paper?

Sep 17,2019

New Product-OBM sublitextile

Now we have a new product that called OBM sublitextile. And It’s more and more popular in market.

Sep 09,2019

Welcome to PRINTING United 2019

PRINTING United is a brand-new trade show built on the strong foundation of the SGIA Expo.

Sep 02,2019

Why sublimation printing paper scraping ink happens?

During your Digital Printing procedures, you may meet different problems, such as your sublimation printer may scraping ink when you printing sublimation transfer papers. But why sublimation printing paper scraping ink happens?

Aug 26,2019

How to identify the Sublimation Ink is the applicable printer and printing head

In the course of using the Sublimation Transfer Paper, a few of customers will have some doubts or find our paper are not suitable for their machines.

Aug 19,2019

Papel de sublimación de 21 cm * 100 m para cintas / cintas

Shanghai Vision Digital Printing Co., Ltd., Como uno de los mayores líderes de la solución de sublimación en China, ha desarrollado otro tamaño especial de 21 cm * 100 millones, que se utiliza principalmente para cintas / cintas.

Aug 14,2019

Vision 8.5inch*100m sublimation paper for lanyard

It’s known to all, Shanghai Vision as one of the largest leader of Sublimation Solution in China, recently developed another special size sublimation paper, which mainly used for lanyards/ribbons.

Aug 05,2019

Grafinca 2019

Grafinca 2019 the 20th International Fair of Advertising and Graphic Design

Aug 05,2019

OBM Sublitextile for cotton and polyester fabric

OBM Sublitextile is a fabric of sublimation coating polyester, it was developed especially for light or dark polyester, cotton and polycotton fabrics

Jul 29,2019

FESPA Mexico Invitation (August 2019)

FESPA Mexico 2019 will take place in Centro Citibanamex 22- 24 August 2019 in Mexico City.

Jul 22,2019

OBM Sublitextile

Do you wanna sublimation transfer paper use for cotton fabric, not only for polyester fabric or any other non-cotton fabric? Here, we can help you realize the idea, and OBM Transfer Paper is your best choice.

Jul 15,2019

Self weeding transfer paper

Dark laser self weeding heat transfer paper to achieve perfect transfer results.

Jul 08,2019

The advantages of 4720 printhead over 5113 printhead

The Epson 4720 printhead, also known as the EPS3200 printhead, which appears as a replacement for the 5113 printhead, and is the industrial printhead of 3200 orifices for the entire printhead.

Jul 01,2019

PU heat transfer vinyl

PU heat transfer vinyl can be used in hoodies, pants, raincoats, pillows, canvas bags, hats and other series. The quality of PU heat transfer vinyl is guaranteed, easy to discharge, good torn, not easy to deform

Jun 26,2019

Why choose our Stepper Motor Automatic Contour Cutting Plotter

we use Contour Cutting with ARMS, and the system is ''SIGNMASTER''. 

Jun 17,2019

Vision One-Stop Sublimation Solutions Awaits You At Andigrafica 2019- Stand No. 1701A

Welcome to Andigrafica 2019 - SHANGHAI VISION DIGITAL PRINTING CO., LTD.

Jun 10,2019

What's Vision Low Gram Weight Dye Sublimation Paper ?

As is known to all, in the digital printing market, there are different grams of Vision Dye Sublimation Paper. Such as: 45gsm, 50gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm and so on . So what's Vision Low Gram Weight Dye Sublimation Paper ? It means that the weight of per square meter is low.

Jun 04,2019

How to use dark transfer paper with transfer film through plotter

How to use dark transfer paper with transfer film through plotter

May 27,2019

The newest color card of heat transfer vinyl

Shanghai VISION digital printing company is professional company in digital printing area. We not only focus on the quality of products, but also provide diverse products.In order to meet the needs of customers better, we add more colors in our heat transfer vinyl.

May 20,2019

Sublimation paper and Heat transfer paper

We all know that it is widely used in thermal transfer market have the sublimation paper and heat transfer paper, but about how to distinguish the sublimation paper and thermal transfer paper, most people are not very clear. Below we discuss about this topic:

May 13,2019

What is the difference between 100gsm and 58gsm sublimation paper for digital printing?

What is the difference between 100gsm and 58gsm sublimation paper for digital printing?

May 06,2019

Inkjet transfer paper

Inkjet heat transfer paper is a pattern that can be stamped and printed on an inkjet printer and then printed on clothes.

Apr 22,2019

Self-weeding Transfer Paper

Laser A+B transfer paper is one of the laser dark transfer paper, but it’s unnecessary to cut the useless part. Our self-weeding transfer paper is also called A+B paper, it includes A paper and B paper.

Apr 15,2019

Vision brand heat transfer vinyl

PU heat transfer vinyl, It is made of high-elastic polyurethane material, which has excellent tensile, rebound, weathering and washing resistance. PVC heat transfer vinyl, it adopts environmentally friendly thermosetting ink PVC material, which is precision coated, high covering and matte finish.

Apr 08,2019

FESPA Global Print Expo 2019

FESPA Global Print Expo 2019, Europe’s largest international wide format professional printing exhibition.

Mar 18,2019

Vision Exhibitions In 2019

We shanghai Vision Digital Printing Co., Ltd, to open the digital printing market and show our items in the world, we’ll attend more 14 exhibitions in 2019, in more than 10 countries.

Mar 18,2019

Vision Heat Transfer Vinyl

It’s known to all, no matter Heat Transfer Paper or Heat Transfer Vinyl, all play an important role in the digital transfer market . This post just takes you to see our Vision Heat Transfer Vinyl with different types and colors .

Mar 14,2019

Vision at APPPEXPO 2019

Shanghai Vision Digital Printing Co., Ltd on behalf of our management take immense pleasure in inviting you and your company to attend the Exhibition APPPEXPO for 2019, the exhibition will be for 4 days and you are request to attend it.

Mar 05,2019

Some FAQS for Sublimation no cut Light transfer paper

When you use our Sublimation no cut Light transfer paper,maybe you will find some questions. We have summarized some common problems and solutions as follows:

Feb 27,2019

Asia print EXPO 2019

Asia Print Expo 2019, by FESPA, is the ASEAN region’s leading event for printing and signage industries with more than 100 exhibitors representing the latest innovations in large format digital printing, textile printing, screen printing, garment decoration, signage, print software and consumables. Asia Print Expo 2019 will take place at the BITEC, Thailand, between 21-23 February 2019.

Feb 19,2019

How to make a T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

This post takes you through the process of creating a custom vinyl design on children’s leotards. These designs were created using multiple colors of glitter vinyl.

Feb 14,2019

Vision Sublimation Solutions Wishes You Happy Spring Festival!

Holidays Notices:Dear clients ,we will be out of office from 1st Feb to 11th Feb.

Jan 30,2019

Wrong method for testing the quality of sublimation transfer paper

Shanghai Vision Digital Printing Co.,Ltd., is mainly manufacturing sublimation transfer paper in high quality, and have many customers around the world. We will use our expertise to help you solve all kinds of problems.

Jan 30,2019

how to use transferable film on dark transfer paper

When you print the image on the dark transfer paper,you can use plotter to curve the paper and transfer tshirt to achieve the hollow effect.

Jan 24,2019

¿Por qué necesitamos proteger el papel durante el prensado en caliente por sublimación de tinta?

Las toallas de papel de sublimación (papel de protección de sublimación) pueden evitar que la tinta salga y proteger el cinturón blando del calendario.

Jan 14,2019

Basic knowledge of sublimation printing

digital printing is being offered nowadays, and Sublimation printing is becoming the trend nowadays in the industry.

Jan 08,2019

Diferencia entre sublimación e impresión digital

Existen varias opciones para imprimir y copiar, y estamos interesados ​​en conocer la diferencia entre un tipo de impresión y otro para que pueda elegir la opción que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades y que funcione mejor. Esta vez sabrá la diferencia entre sublimación y digital. servicios de impresión.

Dec 24,2018

La diferencia entre PVC y PU vinilo de transferencia de calor

Es bien sabido que hay diferentes tipos de materiales de transferencia por calor para camiseta. Podemos suministrar PVC, PU, ​​flash, flock, holograma, metal, imprimible y vinilo de transferencia térmica 3D con muchos colores. Aquí discutiremos la diferencia entre el vinilo de transferencia de calor de PVC y PU:

Dec 10,2018

Which factors that can decide the quality of sublimation paper

Here are 7 factors that can decide the quality of sublimation paper

Dec 03,2018

papel de transferencia de sublimación de 3,2 M de ancho

Vision ha desarrollado recientemente una serie de nuevos tipos de papel de sublimación, entre los cuales el papel súper ancho de sublimación de 3.2 m atrae más la atención de las personas.

Nov 26,2018

What kind of sublimation ink is the best for sublimation printing?

There are some brand of the sublimation ink have high quality: KIIAN , INKTEC SUBLINOVA, J-TECK, Sensient, Epson and Chinese Vision, and how to distinguish the quality of the sublimation ink? You can choose it as the following tips:

Nov 19,2018

Solutions to solve the problem when you use sub-light no cut transfer paper

now we launch a new products to print light cotton fabric.sub-light no cut transfer paper using sublimation ink.

Nov 15,2018

What is the drying time of sublimation transfer paper?

Many garment factories are replacing the traditional death with the transfer of sublimation. Image results of sublimation paper.

Nov 08,2018


You may be wondering which garment decorating method is best: heat transfer paper or sublimation printing?

Oct 29,2018

¿Cómo usar Sub-light no cortar papel de transferencia?

Ahora estamos promocionando un nuevo producto de papel de transferencia sin iluminación Sub-light. Este papel está diseñado para transferir telas de algodón de colores claros con tinta de sublimación.

Oct 22,2018

Personalization in wide format digital printing

One of the earliest benefits of digital inkjet printing is the ability to create one-off custom prints.

Oct 15,2018

The importance of sublimation ink

During the sublimation process, heat treatment takes place where the dye is transferred from the ribbon to a particular surface. Dye sublimation inks make the colors look beautiful.

Sep 25,2018

What should I do if I encounter a printhead that is blocked?

Many customers are experiencing blockages in the printheads, first they think about its sublimation ink problem. This is not as precise as I thought. Below we follow some steps to find out where the problem is.

Sep 17,2018

Why most customers choose the EPSON printer for using sublimation ink ?

About the wide format printers in the market, like Roland, Mutoh and so on, in fact, the core components (their print head )is EPSON, such as DX5/DX6/DX7, 5113, suitable for sublimation ink.

Sep 10,2018

Why there still need Sublimation Transfer Paper

Why there still need Sublimation Transfer Paper, because there has already the technology of printing directly on the fabric.

Sep 03,2018

Self-weeding ( Laser dark no-cut ) heat transfer paper

Self-weeding ( Laser dark no-cut ) heat transfer paper is a laser printer compatible paper that transfer only the printed image without cutting or trim away the background.

Aug 29,2018


Vision Paper has introduced different levels of Tacky Transfer Paper, offering users many key advantages.

Aug 20,2018

What factors can affect sublimation printing?

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the transfer paper is one of the key factors affecting the image quality of the product. High quality prints are available on all types of fabrics using special coated paper.

Aug 13,2018

Why choose Vision Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine

Are you looking for a high quality rotary transfer Machine for a variety of polyester (or nylon) textiles?

Aug 06,2018



Jul 30,2018

how to distinguish sublimation ink

Today we will do a simple analysis on how to distinguish sublimation inks.

Jul 24,2018

Holographic heat transfer vinyl

A New Product in Heat Transfer Materials! Holographic by vision is a new type in heat transfer vinyl.

Jul 23,2018

¿cómo arreglar la sublimación textil impresión mediante calandra prensa?

¿Está buscando calandra de transferencia rotativa de alta calidad adecuada para todo tipo de textiles de poliéster (o nylon)?

Jul 16,2018

Grafinca 2018

Grafinca 2018 is the 19th International Fair of Advertising and Graphic Design.

Jul 13,2018


FESPA Mexico is the largest exhibition for the graphic arts industry in Mexico and Central America, providing visitors with the very latest developments in technology, solutions and trend insights.

Jul 12,2018

Multi-functional Roller heat transfer machine

Roller heat transfer machine for wide format printing on Fabric, Flags, Banners, Sports Clothing, Textiles and so on, fast and safe, one machine multi-purpose, economic and practical, no matter roll type or sheet one, all can use .

Jul 09,2018

The introduction of Shanghai Vision Digital Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Vision Digital Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, with sales center in Shanghai and factory in Hangzhou.

Jul 02,2018

Papel de transferencia de sublimación de alta calidad 45gsm 64 '' para impresión de tela

45gsm 64 '' Jumbo rollo de papel de sublimación es ampliamente utilizado en la transferencia de calor de sublimación hecho tela de tela de materia química, vestido y tela de adorno personal, foto banner, bandera, bolso, bolsa, cartel, imagen de pared, cinta, cerámica, taza, vidrio , metal, etc.

Jun 28,2018

Why sticky sublimation paper dry slower than normal paper

Sticky sublimation paper is a kind of sublimation paper,  and the main difference between the normal sublimation  paper is that it has a sticky coating. The sticky coating  can adhere to the textiles very firmly, and it can help the paper and textiles not moving during the sublimation printing.

Jun 25,2018


Las tintas de sublimación son numerosas e indistinguibles. Hoy en día, sus opciones para los conjuntos de tinta de sublimación varían según el tipo de impresora que tenga, lo que también determinará qué tipos de impresiones y productos puede ofrecer a sus clientes. Mucha gente me pregunta cómo seleccionar la mejor tinta de sublimación. Hoy discutimos este tema.

Jun 20,2018

What factor will influence the sticky sublimation paper?

sticky sublimation transfer paper to solve quality challenges for applications in elastic fabrics. This paper sticks to the fabrics under heating conditions, which prevents fabric shrinking or ghosting. It also offers excellent details while printing.

Jun 13,2018

The advantages of 5113 Print head over DX5 Print head

At present, the use of Epson 5113 print heads has emerged in the Photo Machine industry, with high-speed color printing, high definition, and much loved by the majority of users.

Jun 11,2018

When we install a new sublimation printer

When we install a new sublimation printer,we can put some ink/cleaning liquid on the capping station(s) which can help to drive out the air between capping station and print head, it’s good to filling ink.

Jun 07,2018

Vision sublimation ink

Dye sublimation ink is a special type of ink used for piezo dye sublimation printers.Dye sublimation ink is ink that, when heated, bonds with polyester fibers. Then the ink image can be heated and transferred to shirts or items coated with polyester.you can use it with sublimation paper,heat press machine for t shirt,pillows,textile sublimation printing.

Jun 05,2018

Precauciones para imprimir papel de transferencia de sublimación

Precauciones para imprimir papel de transferencia de sublimación.

Jun 04,2018

Vision-Sublimation Transfer Paper manufacturer

Shanghai Vision Digital Printing Co., ltd. is mainly engaged in manufacturing Sublimation Transfer Paper, in addition, we also do Sublimation Ink, Large Format Digital Printer and Heat Transfer Vinyl,etc.

May 29,2018

What is dye sublimation?

sublimation printing uses heat to essentially bond the sublimation ink and the polyester-based fabric.

May 28,2018

A comparison between Direct-to-Garment and Dye Sublimation

"A comparison between two digital printing methods: Direct-to-Garment and Dye Sublimation. This is to help guide you with your choice of printing method for your business model, listing the pros and cons of each method, the material needed, the feasibility of each method.

May 25,2018

The ink cartridges common problems and solutions when you use EPSON large-format printers

The ink cartridges common problems and solutions when you use EPSON large-format printers.

May 22,2018

Some information about single-pass machine

There are many kinds of single-pass machine Domestic: Hopetech,Honghua Abroad: MS( Italy),Konica Minolta (Japan), Mercani (Italy), Stark (SPG Printss) (Netherlands)

May 18,2018

Exhibitions plans for 2018

This year we will attend many largest international wide format event,encompassing screen, digital and textile print exhibition like FESPA,Serigrafia Sign,REKLAMA,Grafinca,SGIA Expo,RemaxWorld Expo across to Asia, Europe and Americas.We look forward to seeing you there.

May 18,2018

FESPA Global Print Expo 2018

FESPA 2018 will be the largest international wide format event. Encompassing screen, digital and textile print; the exhibition will see more than 700 exhibiting brands take to Berlin, Germany.

May 15,2018

¿Cómo distinguir el papel de transferencia de sublimación de tinta?

¿Cómo distinguir el papel de transferencia de sublimación de tinta?

May 14,2018

Why choose dye sublimation printing for the fashion garment?

Sublimation is a process by which the ink used is printed on the piece of cloth by the application of heat.garments made from the sublimation process are quite soft for the skin and allow enough space for the skin to breathe easily.

May 07,2018

¿Cuántas películas de vinilo de transferencia térmica de tipo conoces?

La película de transferencia de calor para la impresión de prendas de vestir es la más popular y de mayor demanda en el mercado actual. Hay muchos tipos de película de transferencia de calor, vinilo de PVC, brillante, holograma, lámina metálica, parvada, reflectante, brillo en la oscuridad y vinilo imprimible adecuado para sus preferencias. Vinilo para transferencia de calor con corte o impresión y corte aplicable a cualquier tejido. Recomendado para decorar camisetas de algodón, chaquetas de nylon, poliéster, ropa de alto rendimiento, ropa deportiva. Las películas de transferencia de calor son de consistencia y capacidad de lavado.

May 02,2018

Inkjet heat transfer paper for dark cotton fabric

To develop the heat transfer paper for cotton fabric, the one similar to 3G JET inkjet heat transfer paper , we have put so many energy and test so many times, and finally get this Vision Brand inkjet heat transfer paper .

Apr 23,2018

The difference between the three kind of PU heat transfer film

As far as we know , there are three kind of pu heat transfer film in the market , one for the korea film , one for Italy Siser , one is made in China.

Apr 19,2018

How to make a fabric banner with dye sublimation printing?

Dye sublimation printing banner is one of my favorite advertising graphics to sell.It is very elegant compared to vinyl banners.now that you know how to make one?

Apr 16,2018

Papel de sublimación con pegajoso de 100gramaje

Papel de transferencia de la sublimación trasero pegajoso 100gsm, puede adaptarse para Lacra, poliéster. y poliéster con tejido Spandex. Debido a que este tipo de textiles tiene la contracción, es muy fácil tener una doble imagen.

Apr 09,2018

Qingming Festival Holiday Notice

We are going to have 3 days off for the upcoming Qingming Festival, that's starts from 5th-7th, 8th back to work.

Apr 04,2018

How to customization interior decorations

The digital printing allows to print samples, models and sketches in an easy and precise way for the approval of the final client.

Apr 04,2018

How does sublimation printing occur in fashion

Dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing technology. It is used to print on polyester or other synthetic fabrics.

Apr 03,2018

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018 Countdown

Shanghai international advertising technology equipment exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai APPP EXPO). APPPEXPO 2018 Countdown: 2 days to go!See you soon at APPPEXPO 2018 on 28-31 March 2018, in Shanghai China.Vision is waiting for you.

Mar 26,2018

The special development technology of sublimation printers

Thermal sublimation is a very special development technology. It uses thermal energy to transfer pigments to the print media.

Mar 26,2018

Welcome to the APPPEXPO 2018 Shanghai Expo Exhibition

Welcome to the 26th Shanghai International Advertising Technology Equipment Exhibition.booth : 4.1H-B1349

Mar 19,2018

Analysis of Sublimation Transfer Digital Printing Technology

Textile digital printing is becoming more and more mature and is eroding the traditional screen printing market.

Mar 19,2018

Vision dye sublimation paper

Shanghai Vision dye sublimation paper manufacturers will be your best choice. Compared with other paper suppliers, we pay more attention to quality and service, and have our own technical team and perfect after-sales service.

Mar 12,2018

What's exactly function of sublimation paper

sublimation transfer paper that is used in industrial or commercial application typically received a considerable amount of sublimation ink to provide a desired image on a print substrate.

Mar 05,2018

Why the sublimation paper has drying problem ?

Why the sublimation paper has drying problem ? Why my sublimation paper dries too slow?

Feb 26,2018

we are back from holiday

We are back from holiday, and everything returns to normal now.

Feb 26,2018

Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

We are going to have the Spring Festival Holiday in the following weeks and our office will be closed from February 12, 2018 to February 22, 2018.Thank you for all your cooperation in 2017 and we look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you in 2018.Hoping our business will be last in future.

Feb 06,2018

How to choose the right wide format inkjet printer?

When companies choose a wide-format inkjet printer, it deserves to be valued as an important asset for a business. So how to choose the most suitable for your business wide inkjet printer is an urgent need to understand.

Feb 05,2018

FESPA ASIA 2018 Bangkok

FESPA ASIA 2018 is an advertising digital print exhibition created in Asia, the mission is to promote the development of digital printing and textile printing in all countries of East and South Asia.The stand of Shanghai Vision digital printing Co., Ltd is C68, our company mainly produce and sell the sublimation paper and transfer paper.

Jan 30,2018

What's sublimation ink for 90gsm sublimation paper transfer ?

Sublimation ink refers to a material that has a colorant (eg, sublimation dye) and a carrier. The carrier allows sublimation dyes to be applied or printed onto 90gsm sublimation paper.Sublimation dyes are usually solid at room temperature.

Jan 29,2018

High quality sublimation paper manufacturer

High quality sublimation paper manufacturer is applicable to sublimation transfer manufacturer , in which you can print images with mirror inversion through inkjet printing, flat printing, screen printing and gravure printing. Then transfer the image to the media by heating and pressing, which can cause the ink on the paper to become gaseous and combine with the medium.

Jan 22,2018

Why fast dry sublimation paper price is so popular?

Fast dry sublimation paper price is decorated bright, bold, large and colorful. There are no limits, each piece is unique to you. Fast dry sublimation paper price allows us to create any aspect with printed graphics.

Jan 15,2018

High Tacky Sublimation Paper

High tacky sublimation paper has a special tacky layer, which will be activated by heat. High tacky sublimation paper are ideal for clothing, such as sportswear and swimsuits,which will eliminate the ghost or the loss of details due to movements in the transfer process.

Jan 08,2018

How to identify the correct printing surface, printed on the sublimation paper a4 a3 size on which side?

sublimation paper a4 a3 size is a coated paper, most  sublimation paper a4 a3 size has positive and negative printing. If the wrong direction of printing, transfer the color is not good, and looks mottled. So sublimation paper a4 a3 size can only be printed on one side (this is the release surface).So how to identify the correct print surface, which side print? This is a big problem, especially sublimation paper a4 a3 size.

Dec 25,2017

¿Por qué importar material del papel de transferencia por sublimación de Vision?

Hoy vamos a hablar sobre algunas razones por las que importa papel de transferencia de sublimación de Vision? Vision ya que un proveedor profesional de papel de transferencia de sublimación puede proporcionarle una solución de sublimación integral.

Dec 18,2017

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018 will take place on March 28-31

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018 will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center from March 28 to March 31, 2018.Vision as one of leadship of professional sublimation paper suppliers ,like 2017, we will again attend this event.

Dec 15,2017

FESPA Asia 2018 BANGKOK is coming

FESPA Asia connects the screen, digital, textile printing and signage communities across the ASEAN region, to bring together professionals looking to discover the very latest products, innovations in technology, software and the best advice.Vision as a professional leadship of sublimation paper suppliers certainly involves in the FESPA Asia.Our booth No:C68.Looking forwards for your arrivals.

Dec 14,2017

Sublimation vs silkscreen Which is better?

Sublimation is experiencing a "boom" in the industry. But how will this affect the silkscreen process? Know what circumstances prevailing one technique over the other.Since this anticipated growth and trends are moving from mass production to mass customization, market potential and profitability of large format sublimation printing had never looked better.

Dec 11,2017

How can we choose dye sublimation transfer paper?

When choosing the best dye sublimation transfer paper, there is rarely one paper that will work well with everything. The type of sublimation transfer paper you should be using depends on the substrate you will be transferring to.

Dec 04,2017

Some information about printhead?

Today we will briefly introduce some information about printhead and nozzle maintenance in daily life.

Nov 28,2017

Sticky sublimation transfer paper for sportswear

As we all know that , the sticky sublimation transfer paper is specially designed for elastic fabric , such as sportswear to avoid double image.

Nov 27,2017

Some information About Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper

The tacky sublimation paper, has a special sticky layer, which will be activated by heat. Sticky products are ideal for clothing, such as sportswear, swimsuits. You can misalign and change the image during the calendar process of the transfer if a fabric is elastic. When the heat is activated during the transfer process, this product will stick to the garment of a piece of clothing cut in a flat or heat press of the cover, which will eliminate the ghost or the loss of details due to movements in the transfer process, and therefore, it will help reduce production errors.

Nov 20,2017

Vision awaits you at FESPA Mexico 2017

Join us as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of FESPA Mexico next year. Taking place from 16 – 18 November in Mexico City, this special edition of the exhibition promises to be the best yet.Vision as a manufacturer of sublimation paper in China for over 10 years, has participated in.wecome to join us.

Nov 16,2017

Different Weight Of Sublimation Paper

And now on the market, you can find 45gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm sublimation paper. But how to choose ? What’s the difference ? And which one is more suitable? You will meet those problem, and today i will introduce for you.

Nov 13,2017

what shirts can you print by sublimation?

Not only those shirts that are 100% polyester (or at least 65%) and white or clear enough. Sublimation on T has a very long life and an excellent touch . With a sublimation printer and sublimation paper to sublimate, you can start one profitable business .

Nov 09,2017

Sublimation transfer process strict control of temperature

Sublimation transfer printing appeared in the 1930s and 1970s popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, from historical data, its development process is rather special. Neither as optimists predicted, with amazing share of textile printing is also not as pessimists say, slow growth, or even stagnation, decline it. Sublimation thermal transfer technology in China's rapid development is relatively wide range of applications.

Nov 06,2017

How to judge the quality of sublimation transfer

Here's how to judge the quality of a digital sublimation transfer paper some comments on the merits for users and peers to discuss.

Oct 30,2017

Notes of printing sublimation transfer paper

We will introduce some notes of printing sublimation transfer paper.

Oct 23,2017

The advantages and disadvantages of No cut laser transfer paper

No-cut laser transfer paper has the advantage that only transferring the printed design , so it is not necessary that cuts the bottom do not want to transfer. However, you must understand that to get a good result with this type of paper, previously you must select the appropriate images and you must perform tests with your printer and your heat transfer machine. We can not guarantee that you get immediate optimum results. In this post we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this type of transfer paper, and give you some tips so you get the best possible result.

Oct 17,2017

Holiday is over and we start working

From 9th Oct ,we will go to work regularly ,if you have any order,pls feel free to contact us.

Oct 09,2017

Wecome to Vision 2017 SGIA Expo in New Orleans

The 2017 SGIA Expo is home to more than 570 of the world’s leading imaging solutions providers –aisle after aisle of the latest innovations in everything from garment decorating to wide-format graphics and package printing.

Sep 30,2017

Chinese traditional festival: Mid-Autumn Festival

2017 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4th. The day is within the National Day holiday (Oct. 1 - 7) and will prolong this holiday to Oct. 8. Due to the pleasant autumn weather this is a peak time for travel.

Sep 27,2017

How to identify the correct printing side ,which side to print on sublimation paper?

Today we are going to share a very important thing of the sublimation paper with our clients, with people who is related with sublimation industry.

Sep 25,2017

Sublimation paper printing on textiles

Sublimation Digital printing is replacing traditional methods in different branches of the graphics industry. There are multiple reasons for this shift but the main drivers are the cost-efficiency, possibility to personalize prints and the flexibility of these machines.

Sep 18,2017

Common Questions of T-shirt Sublimation Printing

T-shirt sublimation printing technology is widely used in our daily life. With this technology, people can print all kinds of beautiful graphics onto the t-shirts easily. There are many people doing t-shirt printing business all over the world, and here are some common problems in this line.

Sep 11,2017

Tacky Sublimation Paper

Tacky sublimation paper, has a special tackified coating, which will be activated by heat. The tacky products are ideal for apparel, like sportswear, swimwear. It can misalign and shift the image during the transfer calendaring process if a fabric is stretchy. When heat is activated during the transfer process,this product will stick to the garment of a cut apparel piece in a flatbed or clamshell heat press, which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to movements in the transfer process, and therefore, it will help you reduce production errors and increase quality.

Sep 04,2017

vision many kinds of Heat transfer vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is either a polyurethane (PU) or poly vinyl chloride (PVC) material that is used to cut designs from. Heat transfer vinyl by Vision is available in a wide selection of colors and finishes such as metallic, easy-weed, glitter, flock, and glow in the dark.

Aug 28,2017

How to distinguish the quality of sublimation paper

How to distinguish the quality of sublimation paper which is used for sublimation printing and textile digital printing .

Aug 25,2017

Difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl

As we known, there are various kinds of t-shirt heat transfer vinyl materials available.We now have PU, PVC, Printable PU, Glitter, Flock, Hologram, Metallic etc. Today we will discuss the difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl:

Aug 21,2017

How to identify the quality of the transfer paper?

How to identify the quality of heat transfer paper, today we mainly briefly introduce from the following five aspects :Transfer rate,Ink compatibility,Ink compatibility,The warp degree,Wrinkled when printing,Stability of sublimation paper.

Aug 14,2017

How long can sublimation ink be stored?

In most case, the sublimation transfer ink can be stored for one year. And when you store your sublimation ink, you should keep notice in the next tips:

Aug 07,2017

100GSM Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper

About 100GSM Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper,Transfer Color is very vivid. This kind paper a little thinker, so it can pick up much more ink. paper is stronger. Not easy to have the wove when you print. It is great paper. suit for all the polyester textile, Mugs...

Jul 31,2017

What Cause Your Sublimation Paper Dry So Slow?

If you are deal with sublimation transfer paper, you may meet one question, customer complain that sublimation paper dry slow, they think you give them bad paper, Is this the only reason? Of course not! There are many reason will cause the paper dry slow, lets analyze completely today!

Jul 24,2017

A short guide to choose the right heat transfer paper

When you want to get into the business of making goods with transferred images, you have a lot to consider. The biggest factor is the type of transfer printing process you will use. Heat transfer is the most popular because the only special requirements are to use an inkjet printer and heat transfer paper. However, how exactly do you go about choosing that heat transfer paper? With so many out there, it is hard to really know the good from the bad, or what one may be better for your job. So, check out this quick guide to choosing the right kind of paper for you.

Jul 17,2017

Fespa 2017 in Mexico for vision digital printing

The Global Platform for the graphic arts industry - FESPA Mexico back to Mexico City for its 10th Anniversary on September 21 to 23.

Jul 11,2017

Epson Printer 100gsm Fast Dry/Tacky Sublimation Paper Roll

100gsm, sublimation transfer paper for aqua-based dye sublimation inks, enhanced treatment of adhesive power to the textile and stretchable fabric for the reduction of slippery and shrinkage difference between the sublimation paper and textile when it applied to the calendar(roll) press specially.

Jul 10,2017

Nuestros productos principales de la compañía de la visión

Nuestra visión se especializó en el papel de la sublimación, el papel de transferencia y el vinilo de la transferencia de calor por varios años, con buena calidad y el producto bastante competitivo de price.our es muy conveniente para los productos modificados para requisitos particulares tales como almohadillas, camisetas, zapatos y así sucesivamente.

Jul 05,2017

The best way to store the sublimation ink

Speaking of sublimation transfer ink , I believe it is not unfamiliar to us, because you want to carry out a variety of printing, or thermal transfer, then, are the need to use this special ink

Jul 03,2017

Why choosing our compatible epson ink for Epson F series?

Vision Digital Printing is specialized in the sublimation transfer paper . To developed the paper ,we have to do research on the printer and ink.

Jun 26,2017

Epson Original Sublimation Ink with Chip

Epson Original Sublimation Ink with Chip Suitable for Epson SC-F6080/6070/6280/7080/7180/7280/9280

Jun 22,2017

We will travel to Thailand on June 16th to 21st

We will travel to Thailand on June 16th to 21st. You can mail to us:vision@itransferpaper.com For the emergency please call:

Jun 16,2017


Heat Transfer Vinyl: There are several varieties-smooth, PU, PVC, Flock, Glitter and so on; Iron; Some way to cut your vinyl. You can use scissors or cutting plotter;Something to transfer your vinyl onto.

Jun 12,2017

 Why sublimation paper get curl ? How we solve the curling problem ?

When dealing with sublimation, some people may have encountered a big and serious problem - the sublimation paper curls and scratches the printer head. The worst result is that you take some money from your pocket and change a new printer head. At that time, you will have to find a way to reduce your cost to remain your profit. Today , we are going to offer you a solution to help you out of that problem --- curling ! 

Jun 05,2017

Sublimation Protective/Tissue Paper

As a continuous thin paper web used to transport cut-work or roll textile through the heat calendar and as a barrier to prevent surplus dye-sub gasses from contaminating the recalculating belt of the rotary calendar press.Compatible with ALL oil and electric heated rotary drum calendars. The protective paper is designed to capture all excessive inks transferred through or off the edges of the fabric.

May 31,2017

introduction of dye sublimation

Put simply, inkjet dye sublimation printing is the process where specially manufactured inks, containing heat activated ‘dye sublimation’dyes, are fixed by heat and pressure into a polyester substrate, such as a polyester fabric or polyester coated surface.

May 22,2017

Why do we need to print onto polyester with dye sublimation printing

Without a doubt, dye sublimation printing is one of the most effective methods for creating a whole range of customized and personalized products on-demand. This means you can deliver an almost limitless variety of creative and profitable applications, that will enable you to extend your range of services to your existing clients, or indeed open up a spectrum of new markets to you. With inkjet dye sublimation printing, you can print onto a vast range of fabrics and coated surfaces in many widths and lengths, including stretchy sports fabrics and heavy canvas.

May 15,2017

On the knowledge of fluorescent ink

fluorescent ink on the market is mainly Y and M color, black and blue can also be made of fluorescent color, while their market demand is too small to benefit the factory, That's why till now only two color in the market.

May 09,2017

2017 FESPA dare to design different for Vision sublimation company

#FESPA will be held in Hamburg 8-12th May 2017. Our booth No. is B4L-A37.We will show the specific usage of #sublimation paper on this #exhibition. Looking forward to your arrival!

May 03,2017

The difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl

As we known, there are different types of t-shirt heat transfer materials available. We now stock PVC, PU, Glitter, Flock, hologram, Metallic etc printable heat transfer vinyl films with many colors. Here we will discuss the difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl:

May 02,2017

What is the material for the ink? How to make good ink?

The price for dye sublimation ink 70% depends on the pigment, so buying ink is to buy dyes. The inkjet ink pigment is not an ordinary traditional pigment, it must be high purity and impart inkjet printing characteristics.

Apr 25,2017

60gsm sublimaiton paper from Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd

Sublimation Transfer papers now exist for most textiles, including elastic fabrics used for making sportswear and swimming suits, and for natural fiber fabrics such as silk, linen, and wool. Today we will introduce our 60gsm sublimation paper.

Apr 19,2017

Why Do I Need Dye Sublimation Printing?

Dye Sublimation, as a process is really very simple. It is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper and heat press machine.

Apr 06,2017

which condition you should to know before you buy Vision sublimation paper

The use of thermal sublimation paper must be two conditions: as long as the printer is used micropowers can be, such as: Epson, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, and so on the various models and must use the sublimation transfer ink, Dye produced by the ink, in the transfer temperature will produce sublimation and dyeing with the substrate.

Mar 31,2017

2017 TPF digital printing for Vision sublimation Company

TPF will begin at 19th April to 21st April. Vision digital printing company booth No is N5-F45 Vision mainly product is sublimation paper and ink

Mar 23,2017

when you buy our sublimation paper attension before you sign

Digital sublimation transfer paper 2.1 Storage conditions the relative humidity is 45-70%RH and temperature for 10-30 ℃. the paper should be placed in a cool and dry and avoid direct sunlight, air conditioning room is recommended. To avoid moisture, stacked on the ground from the 15-20 cm in horizontal, stacking layers should not exceed 8 according to the marked outside the carton

Mar 14,2017

What is dye-sublimation printing?

Dye-sublimation printers allow you to print photo-lab-quality pictures at home.

Mar 10,2017

New style cheapest sublimation paper for 60gsm/70gsm/80gsm

Due to the different with the base paper, this kinds sublimation paper is very cheaper than with our ST1A series.

Mar 02,2017

APPPEXPO 2017 for vision digital printing

Vision produce all width for sublimation paper and we have 10 years produce and export experience around the world and now we do exhibition every year.

Feb 28,2017

vision 2017 Exhibition plan for textile printing

vision as a manufacturer of sublimation paper. we would like to update our sublimation paper details here. We use Microporous technology, high transfer rate, anti-curling.Very stable quality.

Feb 22,2017

New develop for sublimation digital printing with one single -printer for 45gsm Sublimation Transfer Paper

And now we have a great news for all of you, that is our 45gsm sublimation transfer paper for hot sale.This kind of paper is very thin, very smooth, and with high transfer rate, almost reach 100%, and shorter drying time.

Feb 15,2017

Development Course & Status of Digital Printing

Meanwhile, Sublimation printing increasingly becomes the main process in the line of custom clothes, gifts and etc, making the world as “colorful” as it is.

Feb 08,2017

Holiday Notice for 2017 Spring Festival

vision as a sublimation factory in China ,have 10years for produce and export sublimation paper and sublimation ink

Jan 19,2017


we will attend Fespa in Bangkok and TPF in Shanghai to meet more customers

Jan 17,2017

Brief Introduction to Our Factory

We are now equipped with several production lines, and are able to produce almost the major types of sublimation paper, like 45gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm fast dry sublimation paper and 100gsm sticky/tacky one (made of high molecular polymer, and this type of material is water-based, different with the regular paper) and a wide range of alternative sizes are available.

Jan 12,2017

Why Sticky Sublimation Paper Dry Slower Than Regular Paper?

The sticky sublimation paper is mainly applied to stretch materials like Lycra, polyester with spandex、polyester with cotton(<30%).

Jan 06,2017


Many people want to find sublimation ink for cotton fabric.

Dec 29,2016

How to identify the Sublimation Ink, the applicable printer and printing head

In the course of using the Sublimation Transfer Paper, a few of customers will have some doubts or find our paper are not suitable for their machines. However, our paper can be used on various kinds of Inkjet Printers, such as Epson.

Dec 29,2016

How Ghosting Occur in Printing and How to Avoid

What is ghosting in sublimation transfer ? Ghosting is a double image in sublimation transfer. After the transfer process is completed, a light shadow in your T-shirt or other items transferred may occur, that is ghosting.

Dec 21,2016

PU Printable Transfer Vinyl

Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd, always devoted its heart and soul to look and developing new products for our customers all over the world.

Dec 21,2016

Newly Launched 70gsm Sublimation Paper

We, VISION, have recently launched a new type of fast dry Sublimation Transfer Paper with weight of 70gsm, and this paper comes to be another supplement to paper (45gsm and 60gsm Sublimation paper) that can do fast printing with MS, Mimaki, Epson or Roland printers etc. And it turns out to be of excellent performance, in terms of transfer rate, printing results etc, and mostly importantly, this paper will cost less. If you are planning to do Sublimation business, and take price into first consideration, this paper might be the best choice choice you have ever made.

Dec 21,2016

Metallic Transfer Vinyl--Vision Digital Printing Co,. Ltd.

Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd, A pioneer in find the best solution for customers in sublimation printing and heat transfer material industries.

Dec 21,2016

Original EPSON Sublimation Ink for F-Series Sublimation Printers

To meet the demands of original EPSON Sublimation ink among our existing customers and potential clients, we VISION have strived to establish a long term business relationship with EPSON, and now being able to supply you with original sublimation ink from EPSON, which are especially used for EPSON SureColor F-Series sublimation printers, like SC-F6000/6070/6200/6270/7000/7070/7100/7170/7200/7270/9200/9270 etc and ink cartridge models: T741X HDK T7412 T7413 T7414 etc. And at the same time, chips that are compatible with Epson ink cartridge will be sold in one package together. There is one thing needing to be clarified that the chips packed together can be used for one time only.

Dec 21,2016