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60gsm sublimaiton paper from Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd

  posted on 2017-04-19 18:50:04  

  Vision, as a manufacturer of sublimation transfer paper, with 10 years’ experience in manufacturing sublimation paper, has been dedicated itself to providing the best sublimation paper for our customers.

  And for our 60gsm sublimation paper is designed for high speed printer like MS-JP4, Reggiani, and Mimaki TS300P-1800, due to its lower ink consumption and higher transfer yield, and less cost-consumption of labors. This kind of paper is much lighter, and we can make 200 meters per roll, jumbo roll of 2000 meters and 5000 meters is also available. But this type paper must work with high density sublimation ink like Kiian, J-teck, Inktec, Sensient, etc.

  Recently we successfully developed 45gsm sublimation paper, not only is this kind paper cheaper in price, also good in quality, you could go to our website: for more information.







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