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A comparison between Direct-to-Garment and Dye Sublimation

posted on 2018-05-25 11:28:10

"A comparison between two digital printing methods: Direct-to-Garment and Dye Sublimation. This is to help guide you with your choice of printing method for your business model, listing the pros and cons of each method, the material needed, the feasibility of each method.


Direct-to-Garment:100% cotton ,a blend with polyester

Dye Sublimation:polyester and polymer-coated substrates( 100% polyester ,polymer-coated substrates,a blend with cotton)


DTG Pros and Cons

Print on cotton                                                                     Not industrial solution for polyester garment

Easily customized design                                                     Print durability-60 washes

Very quick easy                                                                    Pretreatment for dark garments

Small working area                                                               Wet prints

Good color pop on print

Eco-friendly (Environmental)


dye-sublimation Pros and Cons

Produces vibrant tones                                                        Only on light colored substrate

Easily customized design                                                     Not suitable for Cotton

Print durability(indefinite)                                                     Color pop after transfer

Printing cycle is clean

No pretreatment needed

Print on hard materials


DTG Pretreating Made Easy

Faster pretreating

Consistent pretreating

improve efficiency

Reduce waste

Simple operation

Print better shirts

Perfect pretreating every time


All in all, both printing methods cannot replace each other. It all depends on your targeted market and applications.

DTG is the ideal solution for Print on Demand projects Fast, easy, and prints on cotton t-shirts.

dye-sublimation is the ideal solution for Polyester products. Both textile and hard surfaces(Polymer coated)






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