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Development Course & Status of Digital Printing


At the 1990s, along with the population of computer technology, the continuous digital printing machines emerged, widely used on fabrics with bold graphics, like carpet and wall mural etc in year 1995. An Austrian company took the lead to exhibit the prototype machine, with resolution of 9x18, using the spray technology, but had no the so-called print head as used in nowadays; It printed very fast, at a speed of 16sqm/min. But this machine could not be applied to clothes, because of the big jet drops and the extremely low resolution.


It was in year 1995 that an on-demand inkjet digital printing machine came into being, mainly equipped with hot bubble nozzles, achieving a resolution of 300dpi and then increasing to 600dpi, based on 4-color in common, generally could be used on cloth fabrics.


From 1999-2000, Digital printing machine with piezoelectric nozzles were exhibited in some countries, including Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, America, Italy and China as well, obtaining a resolution of 360-720dpi. Due to the few ink jet, this type of machine/printer could produce graphics that are more sophisticated, and with more natural colors, thus becoming more and more popular around the world.


From then on, various of digital inkjet printers appeared on the scene, and all are equipped with piezoelectric nozzles. The maximum print speed developed from 1sqm/h in the 1990s to 6sqm/h in 2000 and then 80-150sqm/h. The color of ink increased to 6-8 colors and more. The function of control software is being perfected, and the printing process and application of this machine is becoming mature gradually, which can be seen that, compared with traditional printing, digital printing is free of the limit of design of graphic and MOQ, and adapt to the fast fashion trend, in which small patch, but many varieties of clothe producers are dynamic in nowadays.


In the meantime, the digital printing technology around the world is still developing, from basic theory to production equipment, from application of technology to the development of ink, even in the controlling methods and software of equipment and colors. The development of digital printing is becoming highly fragmented and more and more amazing process emerge. And it is worth attention that Single-pass digital printing technology is becoming the mainstream trend considering the print speed and costs. Meanwhile, Sublimation printing increasingly becomes the main process in the line of custom clothes, gifts and etc, making the world as “colorful” as it is.


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