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How can we choose dye sublimation transfer paper?

posted on 2017-12-04 14:16:23

When choosing the best dye sublimation transfer paper, there is rarely one paper that will work well with everything. The type of sublimation transfer paper you should be using depends on the substrate you will be transferring to.


sublimation transfer paper process?

sublimation transfer paper is a widely used thermal transfer paper, load it using the sublimation transfer inkjet printer to mirror the way the graphic is printed on an sublimation transfer paper, then after heat transfer equipment heated to about 200 ℃, so sublimation paper sublimation disperse dyes penetrate into the substrate, so that the paper color images vividly transferred to one kind of printing process to the polyester-based textiles.

sublimation transfer paper varieties: 

1.Precision Paper: suitable for high precision transfer of crafts, such as ceramics, decorative panels.

2.Fast dry paper: For printing speed of 100m2 per hour or less occasions.

3.Speed dry paper: For printing speed of over 100 square meters of the occasion, fight that is dry.

4.Sticky paper:The tacky sublimation paper, has a special sticky layer, which will be activated by heat.To eliminate the ghost or the loss of details due to movements in the transfer process,ideal for elastic fabric, such as sportswear, swimsuits.

Firstly, when choose the sublimation transfer paper you must pay attention to the specification of the sublimation transfer paper. The sublimation paper with different size and weight must have different price, also the instructions of the different paper is different . So you show have a good understanding with the different specification with the paper when you choose. Sometimes the two specifications may be very similar ,but it may can't be used in the same digital printer.So you can know that the specification of the sublimation paper is really important.

Then, if possible you need to go to the factory to have a check with the workmanship of the sublimation paper. For example: you can have a look with the side of the sublimation paper, how does the paper cut?If the edge of the paper is flushed, or the shape is skewed, irregular, then this product is certainly the quality of the above is not in the clearance; good product should be very smooth edge, and no matter how many stacks Together, the size is exactly the same, the shape is not the slightest difference.

Also if you import the sublimation paper from other contory or very far from you, you can't go to the factory to have a check by yourself. You cal also ask the sellers to send you the sample for you to have a test. So that you can make sure if the effect of the sublimation transfer paper is good.






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