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How to customization interior decorations

posted on 2018-04-04 14:40:36

The digital printing allows to print samples, models and sketches in an easy and precise way for the approval of the final client. Experiment with textures and patterns and incorporate them into your designs. Large format digital printing is a way to expand your services and offer truly personalized solutions that will amaze your customers!

Furniture and accessories

The range of vision sublimation equipment allows to create impressions for a wide range of fabrics and surfaces with coatings. The 4-color or 8-color ink configuration, which offers an extremely wide color gamut allowing precise reproduction of color palettes.

The sublimation printing allows to offer a wide range of solutions to decorate interiors such as curtains, blinds, carpets, carpets, upholstery, cushions, tablecloths and bedding.


Customization of accessories

To decorate the smallest parts and details, the range of vision sublimation equipment and heat press equipment allow efficient creation of durable graphics with all kinds of designs.

Personalize furniture and accessories or create impressive unique designs, in small or long runs. Personalize vases, lamps, photo frames and many more objects. With Vision's devices you can print directly on wood to create custom furniture, or use a printing and cutting device to customize pieces with transfer labels.






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