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How to distinguish the quality of sublimation paper

The transfer rate of sublimation paper
Transfer rate is a basic performance of transfer paper, is the difference between the characteristics of ordinary inkjet paper, a good transfer rate can be transferred to the color of the more colorful and save the ink. China has no transfer rate testing standards, the domestic transfer paper production enterprises generally do not have this corporate standard, the enterprise standard is specified in the standard color ink transfer conditions before and after the transfer paper white paper ratio.

2. Ink Compatibility of Sublimation Paper
As a sublimation transfer paper manufacturer, the production of transfer paper as much as possible to adapt to a variety of sublimation ink, making the sublimation paper coating on a variety of sublimation ink solubility appropriate, so that the ink pattern on the transfer paper can be fine The embodiment does not penetrate the coating in the end paper caused by low transfer rate.

3.Sublimation paper drying speed
Dry speed is undoubtedly makes the user easy to use, you can easily print, improve delivery speed. Printing speed is also the paper production enterprises to track the printing printer to increase the speed of a parameter, the world's leading paper production enterprises drying speed are as follows: (surface hygrometer method) thermal transfer printer to bring us easy to print At the same time, do not forget to carry out its daily maintenance and maintenance, so that not only give us every good experience at the same time, will greatly extend the life of thermal transfer printer. The nozzle is the most important part of the thermal transfer printer, because it is easy to wear and tear, only we usually pay attention to maintenance, in order to reduce the probability of its damage

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