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How to effectively solve some common problems of Sublimation Transfer Paper?

posted on   2019-09-17 11:38:59

One: Paper Scraping Inks

1.if when you are printing, the paper itself is curly, that is, and coating, production process control.

2.printing environment, low humidity paper curl, some ink will even appear ink halo phenomenon. The recommended humidity is 55-65%.

3.the paper is not good, leading to the paper is not smooth

4. the printing paper lifted out of high, paper absorption ink after soft, high paper will lead to scraping


Two: Humidity and Paper Expansion

1.thermal sublimation transfer paper in the absorption of water, there will be expansion, especially in some high humidity environment the extreme environment (the heat sublimation transfer paper completely soaked in water),5 minutes later, the paper will be larger than the original size (test paper 115.5*180.5mm,5 minutes later 116*183), this is because the paper absorbed moisture expansion, size has changed, the expansion of the general paper range in 1%-2%

3.the general web paper opened from the bag, in the environment of high humidity, placed for a period of time, the width of the paper will become larger, take 1118mm wide paper as an example, in the downstairs warehouse, the humidity is around 80%, printing paper placed on the printer for about 10 minutes, the paper will become about 1123mm

4.the paper from 80% humidity to 55% of the environment, the paper width will change from 1123mm into about 1122, that is to say, when the humidity from high to low humidity environment, the paper width can not shrink back to the original size of 1.118m

5.thermal sublimation paper in different humidity environment expansion and contraction is not proportional to the expansion of the ratio of longer than shrinking ratio

6.printed patterns will be based on the paper's moisture absorption expansion expansion, transfer effect will not be affected

7.Heat sublimation transfer paper needs to be sealed and saved. During the use of customers, if temporarily unused heat sublimation transfer paper needs to be sealed and saved

8.It is suggested that the humidity environment used by customers should be between 55-65%, and air conditioning should be installed in the printing environment








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