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How to identify the quality of the transfer paper?

posted on 2017-08-14 09:30:41

How to identify the quality of heat transfer paper, today we mainly briefly introduce from the following five aspects :

Transfer rate,Ink compatibility,Ink compatibility,The warp degree,Wrinkled when printing,Stability of sublimation paper.

  1. Transfer rate

Transfer rate is a fundamental performance of the sublimation transfer paper, it is the difference between the ordinary

inkjet paper, good transfer rate can make the transferred substrate more beautiful and save more ink.

  1. Ink compatibility

The transfer paper is required to adapt to all kinds of ink as soon as possible, and make the coating of sublimation transfer paper

have the appropriate solubility on various sublimation ink, the ink pattern on the transfer paper can not only reflect finely, but also

not transfer through the coating and cause the low transfer rate.

  1. The speed of drying

High speed drying make printing become more and more convenient for users, and it is helpful for improving the speed of delivery.

  1. The warp degree

Transfer paper is a kind of coated paper. In the condition of dry and high temperature, the stretch rate of coating layer and the base

paper are not same, this will cause the single side become warped, then influence the following operation.

  1. Wrinkled when printing

It’s required that the sublimation paper can’t pucker too heavy when printing, or the paper may rub the print head, and influence the

lifetime of print head.

The main approach for avoiding wrinkle is improving the quality of base paper, for example, we can coat the base paper early, or

improve the coating formulation.

  1. 6.Stability of sublimation paper

The quality of sublimation must be stable, or the sample you provide to customers will be hard to reappear. End-users always pay

much attention to the stability of quality when choosing sublimation paper.








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