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How to judge the quality of sublimation transfer

posted on 2017-10-30 09:45:17

Here's how to judge the quality of a digital sublimation transfer paper some comments on the merits for users and peers to discuss.

Transfer Rate

Transfer rate is one of the basic properties of the transfer paper, inkjet paper is the difference between the ordinary characteristics of a good transfer rate can be transferred was more beautiful colors and save ink. China has not yet transfer rate testing standards, the domestic production of transfer paper companies generally do not have this corporate standards, all good corporate standard is to specify the color of ink faster than the whiteness of the transfer paper under standard transfer conditions before and after the transfer.

Ink compatibility

As a transfer paper manufacturer, the production of iron-on transfers as much as possible to adapt to the requirements of transfer ink, so that the transfer paper sublimation ink coating on a variety of suitable solubility, the ink pattern on the transfer paper either fine reflected through the coating but not so in the end result in the paper under the transfer rate.

Drying speed

Fast drying undoubtedly allows users easy to use, you can easily print continuously improve the speed of delivery. Print speed is a parameter transfer paper production companies track printer speed increasing.

Warping and warping time

The sublimation transfer paper is a coated paper, inconsistent coating layer and the bottom sheet and dried at high temperature expansion rate will cause one side warp, when the transfer paper war page will cause inconvenience to the following:

  1. The printer paper feed inconvenience. (Room temperature drying warping)
  2. When large quantities of printed sheets stacking, buckling due to the inconvenience of leaving the finishing. (Room temperature drying warping)
  3. Since the thermal transfer paper before causing warping and fabric the position not to cause transfer failure. (Room temperature drying warping)
  4. heat transfer press, the transfer paper roll warping will transfer dislocation caused by transfer failure. (High temperature warping)

Transfer plant at home and abroad various products have different degrees of warping, excellent quality transfer paper warping angle is small, warping slowly, transferring production process to meet the printing needs of flatness and the time required , the operation is more so.

Overcoming warping is a problem of the transfer paper manufacturers to work together to overcome, using double-sided coating method can effectively improve the warp, but it makes the cost of production increases, while the majority of domestic transfer paper production equipment often do not have such conditions can only begin to improve from the coating formulations and production processes.

Print wrinkled head Sassafras

Inkjet paper type transfer paper requirements wrinkle small as possible, severe wrinkling if the print paper will likely head to arch Sassafras, Sassafras nozzle especially large paper roughness more harm to fine nozzle ( some enterprises in order to reduce the cost of adding the coating formulations roughness inorganic powder, such as the surface of the transfer paper sandpaper.). The main way to reduce wrinkling transfer paper from the paper started, coated paper wrinkling hour, wrinkles on the small print, followed by improving the coating formulations in order to achieve the purpose of reducing wrinkling.

All good choices are the transfer paper coating formulation of nano materials to ensure the transfer paper surface smoothness in more than 3 seconds, it will not harm the nozzle.

Paper impurity spots

Spot transfer paper surface (impurity point) is an important indicator of the transfer paper, these spots may be generated in the base paper, or can be generated in the coating production process, solid color print spot serious harm to a large area but fancy print Has little effect. Domestic Transfer widespread problem spots, for the elimination of the spots did a lot of research work on the Elimination of spots and done a lot of effort from the paper to the coating formulations and production processes have strict regulations and control, per square meter but may still have one or two spots, with the commissioning of equipment and renovation of the new formula is expected to eliminate the spots reached the international advanced level.

The stability of quality

First, the quality and stability of such useful important indicator, the sublimation transfer paper surface quality of the user's ink, print data set, transfer machine parameter settings solidarity, the transfer paper surface quality fluctuations or changing the force terminal users follow adjustments, such as the original color calibration needs to be redone, the original sample has been provided to the customer's printing can not reproduce and can only redo and so on, so the very end customer needs stability if the quality of the transfer paper producers must attach great importance to this , because it is only the quality and stability as one likely to win a number of loyal customers belong to you.

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