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How to make a T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

posted on  2019-02-14 16:04:00

This post takes you through the process of creating a custom vinyl design on children’s leotards. These designs were created using multiple colors of glitter vinyl.


The first step in the process is creating your design in the Graphtec Studio software.

The next step is to cut out all the separate elements you want to press onto your garment using the Graphtec Cutter.

The type of vinyl you are cutting out will determine the settings that need to be applied to the cutter. Always do a test cut before cutting out your layers to make sure you are getting a clean cut. If your settings are correct but your cut is not clean, then you need to adjust your blade by turning the knob clockwise. Continue making test cuts until you get the perfect cut!

The next step in the process is to prepare your heat press. At this point, the press should be all heated up. You always want to do this first so it is preheated and ready to go when you have all your vinyl cut out. Think of it like an oven when you are cooking. For vinyl, we need the press to be at 160℃, medium-high pressure and we will press for 10s. You can peel it when the vinyl becomes cold.

When heat press is prepared and ready to go, we can begin applying the layers to the fabric! First you want to pr-press your garment for 5 seconds to get any wrinkles out of it, and press them down for a full 10 seconds to completely tack them down onto the garment. Once you have done this, peel away the transfer paper and you now have your first completed garment!

We hope this blog post gave you some more insight into creating vinyl designs!

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