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Inkjet transfer paper

posted on 2019-04-22 17:48:23

Inkjet heat transfer paper is a pattern that can be stamped and printed on an inkjet printer and then printed on clothes. Mainly divided into light transfer paper and dark transfer paper. Light-colored transfer paper is suitable for printing white and other light-colored clothes; dark transfer paper is suitable for printing dark clothes such as black.


Inkjet light color


The light-colored transfer paper is suitable for printing a pattern on light-colored clothes, and the pattern transferred by the transfer paper has high color reproduction degree, no wrinkle, elasticity, tearing, no cracking, excellent hand feeling, no heavy feeling. It is the best choice for transferring T-shirts and printing personalized t-shirts! It is best to transfer them on light 100% cotton, including t-shirts, hats, etc. Washed 100% does not fall off, does not fade. Light transfer paper is best printed with waterproof pigment ink.

Inkjet dark color


Dark transfer paper is a kind of thermal transfer paper, mainly printing dark clothes, because dark clothes are too dark and have the ability to cover other colors, so media is needed to print pictures, which requires Dark transfer paper!

Features: strong adhesion, no wrinkle, elastic, no heavy feeling, if the conditions are limited, you can print with ordinary ink. More savings in supplies! Suitable for transfer: dark T-shirt, backpack, hat, clothing (trousers), clothing (100% cotton, 50% cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, synthetic fiber) personalized transfer.

The transfer paper can realize the custom service of small batch multi-color color printing fabric printing, solves the problem that the traditional screen printing color matching process is cumbersome and the printing requirement is large, so it is more and more influenced by the clothing pattern designer and the personalized custom clothing manufacturer. Welcome, with a very broad market application prospects.







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