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Multi-functional Roller heat transfer machine

posted on  2018-07-09 10:47:50

Roller heat transfer machine for wide format printing on Fabric, Flags, Banners, Sports Clothing, Textiles and so on, fast and safe, one machine multi-purpose, economic and practical, no matter roll type or sheet one, all can use .

Roller heat transfer machine mainly do 1.20m, 1.70m, 1.80m, 2.0m four normal roller width, with 210mm, 420mm, 600mm three different roller diameter. It mainly depends on the different requirements of the customers .

And about this type machine, there are also two issues need we to care : to operate the roller heat transfer machine ? First of all, get ready to put the protective paper, cloth and sublimation transfer paper, when the oil temperature reaches set temperature, send the paper and fabric (cloth above on the paper) together into the host, then the waste paper will be recycled with gas expanding shaft, gas expansion shaft material passes through the conveyor belt.

2.How to realize the heating of oil heater? 

The external oil tank is heated, and the valve oil enters the drum through the valve oil, realizing the oil temperature circulation. The oil temperature reaches the set temperature, and the valve automatically closes






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