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New Product-OBM sublitextile

posted on  2019-09-09 17:52:54

Now we have a new product that called  OBM sublitextile. And It’s more and more popular in market.

It’s the OBM sublitextile you can match your sublimation paper and printed on any fabric, any color.

In some way, it solve the problem that sublimation paper can not used on cotton fabric and dark color.

There is 5 type of OBM sublitextile, and one special type is called Tata OBM sublitextile.

I know you may be curious about what’s different between those material.


Simply, The difference of  the OBM sublitextile just like the difference between the fabrics.


2.Short velvet

3.Stain pearlescent

4.Long velvet

5.Rough pearlescent

6.Tata OBM sublitextile.

Although the material is different, we provide same size as transfer paper. Both sheets and rolls are available.

If you want to know more, welcome you contact us.







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