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New develop for sublimation digital printing with one single -printer for 45gsm Sublimation Transfer Paper

Offering more options to our customers is what Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd is always aiming at.

And now we have a great news for all of you, that is our 45gsm sublimation transfer paper for hot sale.

This kind of paper is very thin, very smooth, and with high transfer rate, almost reach 100%, and shorter drying time.

For the best printing result, we suggest you use the high density ink like J-teck, Kiian, Inktec and Epson Original Ink,

and it is designed for single pass digital printer and high speed printer like MS-JP4,Mimaki TS300P.

Please be noted, we personally do not suggest you to use our 45gsm sublimation paper to print image with dark color,

because it will roll-up when it is with heavy ink load. But it works well on image with light color.

For more information about US, please check us out on our website: WWW.ITRANSFERPAPER.COM






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