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Notes of printing sublimation transfer paper

 posted on 2017-10-23 10:38:57

 We will introduce some notes of printing sublimation transfer paper.

 1.Before printing, you must first print the test strip, check that there is no broken line before you can print the picture, and each print time to re-print the test strip to check whether there is disconnection (depending on ink fluency and The depth of color).

 2.Clean the ink bag every three months to ensure the fluency of the print (which also relates to the quality of the ink).

 3.Ink cap and squeegee need to do regular cleaning work to prevent the process of disconnection and ink rejection phenomenon.

 4.Print room temperature should be controlled at about 20-25 degrees Celsius, humidity should be controlled at 50% to 70%.

 5.The printer should be grounded reliably to avoid static electricity from the printer and affect the printing results.

 6.The printing room must be kept clean and free from dust in the air to contaminate paper, ink and even the printer nozzle, causing damage to the printer. Transfer shop to keep clean, to avoid dust pollution drawings and fabrics.

 7.Note that the ink cartridges in the ink cartridges, ink cartridges in the location of the ink can not be below the minimum scale line, so as not to cause disconnection, to the ink tank when the ink should be noted that the maximum mark can not be higher than the ink cartridges, Resulting in ink rejection.

 8.Place the printer to maintain the level, to avoid the printing process caused by uneven ink pressure generated color and ink rejection phenomenon.

Place the printer to maintain the level, to avoid the printing process caused by uneven ink pressure generated color and ink rejection phenomenon.

 9.Try not to touch the face of the sublimation transfer paper directly to avoid contamination of the paper.

10.Do not touch the printed pattern with your hand, do not talk to the drawing, so as not to contaminate the paper, causing unnecessary waste.

11.For the need to stack the drawings, be sure to completely dry the pattern before they can be stacked, otherwise it will cause the pollution of the drawings scrapped.

12.In the production of large goods must be confirmed by the customer samples in the printing room, large goods production process at any time compared with the sample, such as color problems such as timely processing to reduce the defective rate, while ensuring that there is sufficient Material inventory for large cargo production needs.

13.Transfer the time to follow the operating environment and the machine to set the best and most suitable transfer temperature and transfer time, with particular attention to different fabrics to choose a different transfer temperature and transfer time.

14.Be sure to record when recording, record the printing parameters and transfer temperature and time to ensure that the production of large goods and proofing to maintain the same effect.

15 for the easy to shrink the fabric, before printing can be 1-2 times before the flattening and then transfer, if together with the TAC sticky sublimation transfer paper transfer, you can achieve better results.

16.In the thermal transfer hot pressing surface, transfer paper, substrate surface must be close, there can not be gaps, otherwise there will be transfer graphics blurred.

17 in the production before the computer, printer, ink, transfer paper, heat transfer machine before the color calibration, transfer machine surface need to keep clean, need to try before the transfer sample, get experience and then the official transfer.

18.Use: chemical fiber, polyester, cotton with 40% or less blended fabric and coated glass, ceramics, metal, wood and so on.

19.Storage conditions: waterproof, fire, avoid strong light (when not sealed when not used).

20.To stop printing for a long time, remove the paper from the media rack and return it to the original sealed bag.

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