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OBM Sublitextile for cotton and polyester fabric

posted on  2019-07-29 17:54:04

With the development of digital printing industry, recently one new product appeared in this market, that’s just our OBM Sublitextile. Shanghai Vision as the leader of it, now service for more and more clients from different countries in the world, but there are still some people who know very little, next let’s study it together .


The Shanghai Vision OBM Sublitextile is a fabric of sublimation coating polyester, it was developed especially for light or dark polyester, cotton and polycotton fabrics, mainly on sale by roll size, as follow the basic parameters are for your reference:




Core size: 3inch

Types: Elastic, Short velvet , Long velvet, Rough Pearlescent, Satin Pearlescent

Printer: inkjet printer (with sublimation ink)

Pressure: medium pressure

Our Vision OBM Sublitextile is resistant to washing, and it can be used on colored cotton fabrics or white, even in colored polyester fabrics. What’s more! it does not need hours for drying, does not fade with time.


And how to use our Vision OBM Sublitextile ?


First of all, position the fabric in which the OBM will be applied to the heat press.

The second, remove the protective paper from the OBM and place it on the fabric to be transferred.

Third, carefully position the paper with the sublimatic print on the OBM with the image facing down.

Forth, press for 40 seconds at 200℃


That’s all, if you have additional questions, please contact us at +86 17321380652, or visit us on our website at


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