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OBM Sublitextile

posted on  2019-07-15 10:57:58

Do you wanna sublimation transfer paper use for cotton fabric, not only for polyester fabric or any other non-cotton fabric? Here, we can help you realize the idea, and OBM Transfer Paper is your best choice.


What is OBM Transfer Paper? Briefly speaking, it is used with Sublimation Transfer Paper, and help Sublimation Transfer Paper transfer on cotton fabric.

We have 5types, including 5types: Elastic, Short velvet, Rough Pearlescent, Long velvet,

and Satin Pearlescent, the final transfer effect is the same as the surface of OBM Transfer Paper itself.

Firstly, print sublimation transfer paper with sublimation ink;

Secondly, peel off the back paper of the OBM transfer paper, then put on the fabric, and use heat press machine to press about 10-20s;

Thirdly, put printed sublimation transfer paper on the OBM transfer paper, and transfer in 40s, then finish the transfer.

The below data are the thickness of OBM Transfer Paper

1#Elastic: 0.52mm, only the paper itself/ 0.6mm with back paper

1#Short velvet: 0.43mm, only the paper itself/0.6mm with back paper

3#Rough Pearlescent: 0.135mm, only the paper itself/0.19mm with back paper

4#Long velvet: 0.5mm, only the paper itself/0.58mm with back paper

5#Satin Pearlescent: 0.11mm, only the paper itself/0.21mm with back paper

And we can provide 50CM*25M and 50CM*50M roll size for your choice, and if you have any needs, pls feel free to contact me, tks.








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