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Original EPSON Sublimation Ink for F-Series Sublimation Printers

To meet the demands of original EPSON Sublimation ink among our existing customers and potential clients, we VISION have strived to establish a long term business relationship with EPSON, and now being able to supply you with original sublimation ink from EPSON, which are especially used for EPSON SureColor F-Series sublimation printers, like SC-F6000/6070/6200/6270/7000/7070/7100/7170/7200/7270/9200/9270 etc and ink cartridge models: T741X HDK T7412 T7413 T7414 etc. And at the same time, chips that are compatible with Epson ink cartridge will be sold in one package together. There is one thing needing to be clarified that the chips packed together can be used for one time only.

Considering that some clients might prefer cost effective inks, compatible sublimation ink for F-Series can also be available in VISION, and chips together will be supplied.


It can not be emphasized more that you’d better have the chips and inks tested before you place any order, and you may also contact us

 with details of printer model and

 cartridge models so that we are able to offer constructive suggestions for using original EPSON sublimation ink and the compatible ones.


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