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PU heat transfer vinyl

posted on  2019-06-26 17:29:47

PU heat transfer vinyl can be used in hoodies, pants, raincoats, pillows, canvas bags, hats and other series. The quality of PU heat transfer vinyl is guaranteed, easy to discharge, good torn, not easy to deform


Product features:

1.Environmentally friendly material PU transfer vinyl, bright color, variety, no harm to the skin

2.Feel comfortable, strong coloration, soft and not cracking, no fading after washing, no odor, good elasticity

3.Simple operation, convenient and quick, easy to use equipment, can use with computer, cutting plotter and heat press machine , cutting pictures is convenient, no need for plate making time and cost, no waiting, ready to take

4.Package in rolls,it avoid waste, save cost,, and make use of corner materials to a large extent

5.Wide range of applications, can be cut according to computer design images, with the engraving machine to engrave LOGO, characters, number jerseys, etc.


Operation method:

1.Make the desired pattern on the computer

2.Use professional cutting plotter for pattern engraving (reverse engraving) / also hand engraving

3.Strip out the unneeded parts of the material

4.Transfer the vinyl to the fabric with a professional heat press machine/iron (do not apply to waterproof fabric)

5.Tear the film hot/warm to get the finished product







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