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Personalization in wide format digital printing

posted on  2018-10-15 10:58:16

One of the earliest benefits of digital inkjet printing is the ability to create one-off custom prints. In the past two decades, this has been the main selling point for printers providing banners, POP signs and trade show graphics, and has not shown signs of slowing down.

In fact, the digital printing industry is expanding into more market segments due to improved printing technology and new innovative media and substrates, such as personalized wallpapers with quotes, as shown above.

Of course, these new ideas and products are designed to meet the growing needs of graphic designers, brand owners, interior designers and consumers themselves, who have seen everything from print-on-demand canvases to mass customization projects. : Sharing Coca Cola. Digital printing technology enables print service providers to deliver smaller runs faster and achieve higher quality results.

In the decorative market, more companies are developing brands, which increases competition and creates customization requirements. Product companies and manufacturers also use internal digital printing – or outsource to printing suppliers. This allows for modification of the product color or scale and a smaller set of plans.

This has been adopted in the field of labeling and packaging, and digital printing has given small brands the opportunity to stand out. They can use personalized, tactile substrates and metal finishes to carry out promotions around sporting events or holidays and enjoy an ultra-fast transition.






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