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Self-weeding ( Laser dark no-cut ) heat transfer paper

posted on   2018-08-29 17:00:09

Self-weeding ( Laser dark no-cut ) heat transfer paper is a laser printer compatible paper that transfer only the printed image without cutting or trim away the background.

Most papers for light/dark garments are a one-step process, meaning that the paper you print on already has a layer of adhesive and is ready to press on your T-shirt right away. But for Self-weeding transfer paper, it’s not same as other papers, there’s a two-step process, because of this type paper including one sheet A and one sheet B paper, it is recommended to use the Color Laser Printer with white toner, such as OKI C711WT.

Here the video can for your reference:; 

And what problems we will meet when we use this paper ?

1.The printed image without white color:

First of all, to make sure whether the printer we used is OKI with white toner, such as the one we recommend OKI C711WT, and then noted that the white enabled button is clicked in the print Settings.

2.The printed image is not hollow out:

Please pay attention to select the format of AI or PNG, and then put it on the software such as AI or CDR for vector printing, then everything will be ok.

3.There are some glue marks besides the pattern transferred to the T-shirt:

We need to cut off the excess gum marks on A paper  after the first step is completed

4.Some complex patterns which transferred to the fabric is incomplete (mainly in white and light colors):

Our this type paper has some requirements on the press machine. first of all, we recommend to use the swing away press machine with high pressure .







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