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Self weeding transfer paper

posted on  2019-07-08 11:14:37

Dark laser self weeding heat transfer paper to achieve perfect transfer results.

Print by white toner laser printer (C711WT) and transfer with white boost B paper, allows it transfers on dark fabrics with opaque and detailed image.

Self cutting feature gives you the transfer results without leaving any background coating film.

Application: Kinds of material fabric ( 100% Cotton , polyester ...)

Advantages of dark laser self weeding heat transfer paper :


1, the pattern does not need to be engraved, can be printed on the dark clothing after printing


2, only the transfer part of the pattern, the lack of part of the pattern color is insufficient transfer, completely hollow


3, feel light and soft, no gum texture


4, text, more delicate and complex patterns can also be perfect hollow transfer


5, washable, will not fade after washing


1,Pattern needs mirror printing


2,At the end of the transfer, it takes 3-5 seconds to press on the heat transfer machine to reinforce the pattern and increase the firmness of washing.


3,Transferred clothes can not be cleaned in water immediately. If you need to wash, please do it after 24 hours.


More and more people will put this paper into production because he can print continuously and vividly color the image. Shorter transfer times increase production efficiency.More people will choose this handy paper in the future

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