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Solutions to solve the problem when you use sub-light no cut transfer paper

posted on   2018-11-15 15:21:56

Sublicotton paper is a solution for you to print 100% white or light cotton garments using your sublimation printer.

when you use sub-light no cut transfer paper,maybe you will meet some products.there are some solutions to solve the problem.






Some of parts are not transferred.


The cloth was picked up, and there was a problem when it was torn.

When the transfer time is over, you can quickly tear it off on the board.


After tearing off backing sheet, the paper surface will have a thin film.


The speed is too slow when you tear off the backing paper.

Hot and tear off the backing paper quickly

some parts have halo ink situation


When pressed, there is jitter and an offset

When pressing down, pay attention to the force balance and try to choose the position suitable for the pressing.





The drying speed is a little slow, so the paper will have the the indentation of the gear when printing, and to get more better transferring effect ,you should transfer the printed paper during 30 minutes.

If you have any question about sub-light no cut transfer paper.wecome to contact us.




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