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Some FAQS for Sublimation no cut Light transfer paper

posted on   2019-02-27 11:19:21

When you use our Sublimation no cut Light transfer paper,maybe you will find some questions.

We have summarized some common problems and solutions as follows:

1.What points for printer you need to know before use this paper?

For ink-jet printer for subli no cut light transfer paper, it uses sublimation ink with 6 colors, could make the image on fabrics more vivid.


2.What do you need to notice during heat press it on textile?

Compare with other transfer papers, the transfer rate of this transfer paper is a little lower, so you need to heat press with high pressure and need a oil paper to heat press again after transferring.


3.Why can’t you get full image on textile after transferring, lose some parts of images.

You need peel quickly and don’t stop during peeling.


4.Why do you get an image with small gear roller when output from printer?

This is small problem of this paper, even others also meet this, you could adjust the printer to avoid this, but it don’t influence the transfer result.


5.Why do you get bad results when you transfer the light color images into light textiles?

First, the result would be wore if transfer light color into light textiles, this isn’t problem of this paper.

But the transfer rate of this paper is lower than others, so transfer light into light, result isn’t good.

The colors we advise our customers to printing and transfer are dark.








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