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Some information about single-pass machine

posted on 2018-05-18 17:11:47

There are many kinds of single-pass machine

Domestic: Hopetech,Honghua

Abroad: MS( Italy),Konica Minolta (Japan), Mercanti (Italy), PIKE (SPG Printss) (Netherlands)


MS LaRio Digital Printing Machine of MS Company of Italy

Launched in 2010, is the world's first single Pass ultra-high-speed digital printing machine. The device has received 22 orders worldwide, including one from China (Shandong Ruyi Group), which is expected to load in 2016.

Technical features:

Nozzle: support 4PL-72PL ink droplet 16 variable, can print very fine pattern;

Format: covering 1.8m-3.2m, suitable for garment printing, home textile printing;

Ink: an open ink system is used;

Printing speed: up to 4500 m / h, high resolution speed up to 35m / min;

Printing accuracy (resolution: up to 600dpitimes / 600dpi.

It is said that MS's Single-Pass paint scheme is in the final optimization and will soon be available. By then MS will become the world's first Single-Pass paint solution equipment.


PIKE High Speed Digital Printing Machine

The design is more compact, can be equipped with up to 9 groups of printing modules, printing module with push-pull design, easy to spray head cleaning and maintenance.

Technical features:

Inkjet printing system: the use of Archer technology allows the nozzle to be more distant from the fabric for accurate inkjet;

Format: the first PIKE treatment width is 1. 85m, which can deal with heavy fabrics and concave and convex fabrics, while greatly reducing the possibility of nozzle damage;

Ink: the developed PIKE ink has 6 colors at present, which can eliminate the foggy feel of printing patterns.

Printing speed: typical printing speed 40 m / min, up to 75 m / min;

Printing accuracy (resolution: 1200 × 1200 dpi)

Konica Minolta Nassenger SP-1 digital printing machine

Single Pass printing can be configured with up to 8 printing modules. At the same time, high speed and high performance inkjet control system are used to achieve high performance of image reproduction.

Technical features:

A new spray head which can spray small droplets is developed. With the special spray control technology, three kinds of small, medium and large droplets can be printed separately, which can achieve more precise printing effect and more natural color change.

Using the unique image processing technology, can deal with the stripes, spots and other more obvious situations in time and effectively, so that it becomes no longer obvious, so as to reduce the occurrence of bad printing;

The nozzle is modularized (the two nozzles are combined into one set, and the automatic adjusting function of the droplet injection position is adopted at the same time, which greatly shortens the adjusting time when the nozzle is replaced;

Through image processing technology and nozzle module, the adjacent nozzle can be replaced when a sprinkler head is damaged, so as to avoid printing defects.

Honghua VEGA One Digital Printing Machine

Also equipped with a circular screen for printing color blocks, and can achieve some digital printing process can not be completed at present, such as gold powder, foam and other special materials printing. It is understood that the overall printing cost of Vega One is close to or even lower than that of traditional printing.

Technical features:

Nozzle: adopt Samba nozzle;

Precision of printing (resolution: 1: 1200 × 1200 dpi.)

Printing speed: up to 80 m per minute.

If you need jumbo roll sublimation paper for single-pass machine,length to 5000m-1000m.wecome to contact us.






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