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Sticky sublimation transfer paper for sportswear

posted on 2017-11-27 09:56:38

The most popular paper is high sticky sublimation transfer paper , while some of the customers said , that sticky is too much sticky . Due to the market demand with economic consideration , we have already designed other two sticky sublimation transfer paper , middle and low .

As we all know that , the sticky sublimation transfer paper is specially designed for elastic fabric , such as sportswear to avoid double image.

In the heating process, the glue on the surface of the paper , they sticked with the fabric tightly.So the transferred image can be clear.

if your image is not that clear, and your demand is not that high , you can also try our fast dry sublimation transfer paper , it also works great!

Vision Digital Printing , producing the sublimation transfer paper , we have been in this area for years, and also be matured in the area of digital printing area .

If you need fast dry sublimation paper and sticky sublimation paper,pls wecome to contact us.







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