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Tacky Sublimation Paper

posted on 2017-09-04 11:22:26

Tacky sublimation paper, has a special tackified coating, which will be activated by heat. The tacky products are ideal for

apparel, like sportswear, swimwear. It can misalign and shift the image during the transfer calendaring process if a fabric is

stretchy. When heat is activated during the transfer process,this product will stick to the garment of a cut apparel piece in

a flatbed or clamshell heat press, which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to movements in the transfer process,

and therefore, it will help you reduce production errors and increase quality.


The 2 most important factors about sticky sublimation transfer paper, is the stickness (tackness degree) and drying speed.

Now in the market, almost all the sublimation paper, including tacky sublimation paper, the drying speed is not a problem any

more. So that leave the tackness the most important. There are several things about the stickness:

1.How to choose the right tacky sublimation paper ?

Usually the sticky degree depends on dark-color volume or fabric type. The adhesive coating has been designed to react

differently depending on the color darkness. The degree of tackness decrease on the light color ink, and increase on the

dark color ink.

Light color is designed to carry a light stickness for easy take off. You may find that the paper does not seem to be adhered

to the slick fabric after pressing out. However, the stickness worked adequately enough to eliminate ghosting or printing

errors during heat press.

And the dark color requires much more adhesion during the transfer.

In other words, with the same paper, the tackness degree changes with different design, ink loading.

So for dark-heavy ink load, high tacky sublimation paper would be the best choice, and medium-heave ink load, use the medium

tacky, and low ink load, the low tacky.  Strong adhesion would be not necessary in light-color imagines, rather might hurt


2.How long the tackness will last ?

This is the common issue about tacky paper. Several years ago, we met this issue too. But now we succeeded in solving it. Our

tacky sublimation paper could last at least 6 months, while others are 3 months.








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