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The Tips of PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

Posted on 2019-11-25 11:00:01


  1. For our gold and silver color, when transfer printing, the temperature should be low, about 140-150℃, the pressure should be low, after tearing the PET film, must be in the same bronzing machine temperature and pressure conditions, then press about 5S, the effect will be better after pressing, if the temperature is too high will destroy the structure of


  1. PU engraving film with the cutting plotter engraving, cutting tool choice 45° Angle, cutting pressure at 200g, cutting tool speed can be set in the cutting plotter maximum 800mm/s, if the engraving is small pattern, cutting tool speed is recommended to be under 400mm/s.


  1. When the PET film is discharged, it can be torn hot, warm or cold. When it is hot, take the transferred fabric away from the bronzing board and tear the PET film. It is suggested not to tear the PET film directly on the perm board. First, to prevent scalding. Second, to prevent the hot melt adhesive from not completely melting into the fabric due to the high temperature


  1. After tearing the PET film, the lettering film should be re-pressed under the same temperature and pressure to increase the firmness.


  1. Wash 24 hours, machine wash or hand wash, do not dry, bleach.








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