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The advantages of 4720 printhead over 5113 printhead

posted on   2019-07-01 10:53:45

The Epson 4720 printhead, also known as the EPS3200 printhead, which appears as a replacement for the 5113 printhead, and is the industrial printhead of 3200 orifices for the entire printhead.

This is a new type of piezoelectric nozzle launched by Epson in recent years. And the nozzle is named after the Epson WF-4720 inkjet printer that was first used.


When you use 4720 printhead digital inkjet machine, you can achieve 3PASS high-speed printing as Epson 4720 printhead has a total of 3200 nozzles, and single-head machine printing speed can reach up to 30 square / hour, which is unmatched. The faster the speed, the more value it creates. It can save more manpower and material resources for the user, and the printhead has an important guiding role for the rapid development of the printing industry.


Higher precision

4720 printhead uses TFP film piezoelectric technology, 2.5PL variable point and use technology to restore true color, the precision is unparalleled. (Note: PL is slightly liter, capacity measurement unit, equivalent to "10 minus 15 times" cubic meters, that is, 1000 cubic microns.) The minimum ink droplet 2.5PL, the output picture is more delicate and perfect, reaching the high-definition digital photo level 3200dpi accuracy.


4720 printhead is a corrosion-resistant nozzle, fully compatible with all types of ink on the market, cost-effective, powerful, and a wide range of applications.

(1) The nozzle is excellent for use in the field of UV printing. As we all know, UV ink is very picky for the nozzle, and the Epson 4720 printhead not only meets the needs of UV printing, but also has extraordinary printing results. The sculptural feeling of washing, the bumpy feel at your fingertips, and the 3D effect are perfectly presented.

(2) This nozzle is compatible with paint, sublimation, and the speed and accuracy are comparable to the 5113 nozzle. Can be widely used in the field of digital printing, and has a good performance.


Appearance improvement

Epson 4720 printhead has 8 rows of nozzles on the front nozzle, 400 nozzles in each column, and 3200 nozzles in one printhead. The reverse side of the nozzle has been improved, and the use of an external ink bag is more convenient and quicker to replace.


Low price

At present, the market price of the 4720 printhead is far lower than that of the Epson DX5 head and the 5113 head.


Of course, in general, the choice of printheads needs to be adapted to the corresponding printing process. In the selection process, we must consider all aspects of the factors.







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