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The advantages of 5113 Print head over DX5 Print head

posted on  2018-06-11 13:29:01

At present, the use of Epson 5113 print heads has emerged in the Photo Machine industry, with high-speed color printing, high definition, and much loved by the majority of users. The Epson 5113 print head is a high-speed printing industrial print head. The print speed of industrial-grade applications can meet the requirements of fast batch print production.

Epson 5113 print head, original high-performance thin-film piezoelectric print head technology, 3200 diameter 20-micron Print heads, capable of emitting as small as 1.5 PLs, 3200DPI high-precision output; a variety of print modes, including high-speed printing 2PASS up to 80 M2/h, to meet customers' high speed and high precision printing requirements. So what's the difference between the Epson 5113 print head and DX5 print head?

1, More Print heads

Epson 5th generation Print heads are integrated Print heads, with 8 rows of Print heads, a single row of 180 holes, a total of 1440 holes, the minimum Print head is 3.5PL/5PL. The Epson 5113 jet Print head array 400x8, the smallest Print head 1.5PL,and 180x8 of the traditional DX5 and DX7, printing accuracy is much higher.

2, Wider in Size

he 5113 Print head is a 1.3-inch Print head, which is about 30% wider than traditional DX5 Print heads.  

3, Faster Speed

Due to more Print heads and higher physical resolution of the Print head, the 5113 print head machine can realize high-speed 3PASS printing. Theoretically, the single Print head speed can reach 30 square meters per hour, and even faster; the double Print head print application can achieve more than 50 square meters. This kind of high-speed and high-precision inkjet printing can be said to be a revolutionary speed-up for the digital printing machine printing industry.



4, Cheaper Price

At present, the market price of 5113 is more than 3,000CNY, which is in stark contrast to the current DX5 of more than 7,000CNY.






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