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The difference between the three kind of PU heat transfer film

posted on  2018-04-19 11:31:50

As far as we know , there are three kind of pu heat transfer film in the market , one for the korea film , one for Italy Siser , one is made in China.

While today we are talking about the difference between the old one made in China, new generation made in China , and Korea.


The dates difference please check below:

1.Thickness: The thickness of the new generation PU film is the lowest , followed by South Korea, the old one made in China is the thickest.  The thickness of the pet film is the same 0.1mm, but our new generation PU Film only gets 0.07mm, and South Korea one gets 0.09mm, the old one made in China gets 0.1mm.

2.Softness:  Before transferring , the softness of the pu film made in China is softer than the Korean one .  After transferring , the new generation PU film gets softer, and the Korean one is softer than the old one made in China. While the difference is not too obvious.

3.Adhesive: the pet film of the pu flim , the new generation pu film is adhesive and transparent; Korean one gets weak adhesiveness , is opaque; the old pu film is non-sticky and opaque. Because of the adhesiveness, to tear off the excess parts from the film , it is more difficult and relatively easy to break for the new generation pu film. But with the adhesive pet film, it would be easier for you to fixed the carved film if you peel off accidentally.

4.Depression: the new generation PU in laser gold, silver surface, there might get large diameter pinholes, depressions, and the appearance looks more obvious, but after transferring, there is also obvious depression, and heat press again can eliminate this effect.

5.Rebound: the three kind of pu film all have a good rebound effect, no cracks after stretching, cracking phenomenon, firmness is better.

6.Peeling: No peeling was found in the three pu films after washing after washing many times, this test will be keep going! Follow us for further information !






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