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Vision 8.5inch*100m sublimation paper for lanyard

posted on 2019-08-05 14:54:34

It’s known to all, Shanghai Vision as one of the largest leader of Sublimation Solution in China, recently developed another special size sublimation paper, which mainly used for lanyards/ribbons.


Width: 210mm(8.5inch)

Length: 100m

Core size: 3inch

Thickness: 130um

Grammage: 100gsm

Smoothness: 5( FS ) 37 ( WS )

Drying Duration: ≤3

Transfer Rate: ≥95%

Package Type: 4 rolls one carton


Our this size paper mainly match up Mecolour Brand Lanyard Heat Press Machine with Feeding Device using, support the one-station solution for our clients from different market, as follow the steps for your reference :

Step 1 - Design and Print your image

Step 2 - Transferring your image by heat press machine

Step 3- Product show


That’s all, if you have additional questions, please contact us at +86 17321380652, or visit us on our website at









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