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Vision sublimation ink

posted on  2018-06-05 13:43:48

Dye sublimation ink is a special type of ink used for piezo dye sublimation printers.Dye sublimation ink is ink that, when heated, bonds with polyester fibers. Then the ink image can be heated and transferred to shirts or items coated with can use it with sublimation paper,heat press machine for t shirt,pillows,textile sublimation printing.


Product features:

1.Excellent fluency, no clogging no mis-inkjeting, ink particle size are evenly distributed and less than 300 nm.

2.Strict quality controlling to ensure the good stability of ink.

3.Raw materials imported from Europe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, bright colors,

wide gamut and good transfer effect

4.Dry and wet rubbing fastness up to grade 4-5, perfect light fastness and

washing fastness, no colors changing or fading

5.Printing temperature :20-30°C

printing humidity :50-70% HR

6.Storage temperature :15-35℃ , 15-25 ℃ is the best , and the valid period is one year, you had better running out within 9 months after opening


sublimation ink
sublimation ink
sublimation ink


Package:100ml ,500ml ,1000ml ,5kg and 20kg.


dye sublimation inks for piezo dye sublimation printers.

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