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posted on  2018-08-20 10:43:51

After extensive research and development efforts to find new ideas for printing and printing problems on the market today, Vision Paper has introduced different levels of Tacky Transfer Paper, offering users many key advantages.

Designed for sportswear, this product maintains adhesion to the fabric during transfer and eliminates potential problems during transfer. The thickness of the base paper and its fast drying function work perfectly even in products that consume a lot of ink.

The biggest advantage of this product is that the paper does not curl during hot pressing. Compared to other similar products on the market, we see that ordinary types of paper curl the paper outward. However, Vision Tacky is far from this problem. Other similar papers are curled during the printing process, thus damaging the processing and printing quality of the fabric. Although the paper needs to be firmly placed on the fabric, the curled paper edges can affect the print quality of the fabric. However, Vision Tacky offers the perfect solution in this regard.

Image results of sticky sublimation paper

If the paper is placed without pressing it, the paper will evaporate the extra moisture generated by the ink. Therefore, the paper does not curl during the printing process, and any problems occur during pressing and exposure. However, if the paper which generates extra moisture due to the ink is pressed immediately after the printing is completed, the moisture of the paper evaporates inconsistently, and the paper curls, causing problems in pressing and exposure.

To address these issues, Vision Paper Technologies recently introduced Tacky (or a more technical "coating sublimation transfer paper") containing two different coatings. Due to the specially formulated coating process, the paper used in printing is not deformed even if hot pressing is used shortly after the printing process. In addition, the print quality remains the same, and the product ensures excellent print quality, color consistency and ink savings.

Designed for digital sublimation printing, Vision Tacky is compatible with polyester fabrics (at least 60% polyester) used in the production of coated paper, flags, sportswear, fashion fabrics and home decor. The Vision Tacky series stands out from the competition for its high adhesion to fabrics during heating, excellent dye transfer efficiency and fast ink absorption and drying conditions.






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