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What factors can affect sublimation printing?

posted on   2018-08-13 11:31:20

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the transfer paper is one of the key factors affecting the image quality of the product. High quality prints are available on all types of fabrics using special coated paper.

The key point here is the characteristics of the coated transfer paper. Due to the high price of ink, printing suppliers face serious challenges. When printed on any type of uncoated paper available on the market, more than 50% of the ink will not be absorbed into the paper. On the other hand, when a specific coated paper is provided, it will hold the ink firmly (90%), resulting in a high quality output.

Another important factor is the absorption of ink particles on the substrate. Under normal conditions, when ink is printed on paper, the ink will dry and the paper will absorb the ink. After the absorption process is completed on the paper surface, the ink cannot be transferred to the fabric and wasted. On the other hand, coated paper typically dries faster than uncoated paper without wasting ink. Of course, coated paper offers more advantages in terms of productivity.


Dye sublimation is superior to the more common inkjet. Many of them are stored in cartridges or large bottles. For optimal machine performance, you must use a color palette provided by your machine's supplier or a high-quality color that fits your printer's head.

The paper press, RIP software and color values ​​must be used correctly to get the true benefits of sublimation inks.

The first condition for sublimation printing is that the dye sublimation ink must be suitable for the print head. Second, a flowable sublimation ink system is needed to prevent head nozzle clogging. It is also necessary to ensure a suitable particle size. Therefore, we can avoid ghosting or sublimation overflow. On the other hand, key features such as rapid drying, large color gamut, and no harmful effects on human health and environmental friendliness are crucial in this regard.

Unlike pigmented inks, dye-sublimation inks offer stunning colors and are compatible with a wide range of surfaces. They are not only safe, but also environmentally friendly, with no adverse health effects on the human body.

RIP program and color management

The image result of eyeone is the biggest advantage of sublimation printing compared to the analog printing method is its large color, and it can be printed on the fabric using any type of design. However, print suppliers prefer to focus primarily on dyes and paper products prior to sublimation printing, and choosing the right software is often overlooked. However, like all other digital printing technologies, perfect color management and color consistency can be achieved only after ensuring proper color management.

In digital printing, the color of the image on the display may not match the color of the printer, depending on the printer or display. At this point, proper color management is often critical. Therefore, the right printer and the right color should be chosen for proper color management in digital printing. However, we need to find the features and settings available in the package to select the correct RIP software.

Environmental impact

The main advantage of sublimation printing is that it is safe for the environment, the printing environment and the operator. The most harmless and environmentally friendly method in textile printing, sublimation printing will not leave any environmental waste. Since sublimation printing is based on the direct conversion of solid ink particles into a gaseous state, no additional water is required. Sublimation printing reduces the wastewater rate to zero and provides a low cost printing solution compared to conventional methods such as screen printing that consumes a lot of water.

Working environment

Operators should stay away from hot presses; this is the most critical safety issue in sublimation printing. Sublimation printing will never pose a threat to human health during printing or printing.






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