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What is the difference between 100gsm and 58gsm sublimation paper for digital printing?

posted on  2019-05-06 18:39:02

58GSM sublimation paper belong to low-weight sublimation paper, it is suitable for industrial high speed printing, and it is thin, but the quality is not as good as 100gsm sublimation paper. If the quality you pursue is not too high, you can choose this paper.

In addition,58GSM sublimation paper is dedicated to the latest high-speed digital printers. This kind of paper can help eliminate head strikes to reduce the consumption of ink with fine detail definition and color gradient transition will be more smooth during printing. Currently compatible printer include: Mimaki, MS, and other high speed printers.

100GSM sublimation paper is much thicker than 58gsm paper, and has a good quality. If customers care about the quality, you can choose 100gsm.

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