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What's sublimation ink for 90gsm sublimation paper transfer ?

posted on 2018-01-29 09:50:09

Sublimation ink refers to a material that has a colorant (eg, sublimation dye) and a carrier. The carrier allows sublimation dyes to be applied or printed onto 90gsm sublimation paper. Sublimation dyes are usually solid at room temperature. Since sublimation dyes are generally considered to be solids at room temperature, it is difficult to print solid sublimation dyes onto substrates without the use of a carrier. Once the sublimation ink has been printed on 90gsm sublimation paper, the sublimation dye needs to be separated from the carrier to facilitate drying and the sublimation dye is concentrated on or near the 90gsm sublimation paper surface.

Typically, 90gsm sublimation paper can be configured to pull the carrier away from the sublimation dye so that the sublimation dye remains at or near 90gsm sublimation paper surface and can be used for sublimation printing. If the carrier enters the paper too quickly, sufficient separation of the carrier from the sublimation dye may not occur. Sublimation inks may have a tendency to smear or run if the carrier does not move quickly enough to move into 90gsm sublimation paper. Therefore, the choice of 90gsm sublimation paper substrate and coating can help 90gsm sublimation paper handle the ability to sublimate inks and provide the desired high fidelity images. In addition, the choice of 90gsm sublimation paper substrate and coating can provide a reduction in the amount of sublimation ink needed to provide the desired image compared to existing 90gsm sublimation paper.






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