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What should I do if I encounter a printhead that is blocked?

posted on   2018-09-17 13:23:59

Many customers are experiencing blockages in the printheads, first they think about its sublimation ink problem. This is not as precise as I thought. Below we follow some steps to find out where the problem is.

Sometimes you think this is a head blockage problem, because the rest of the printer, not the ink problem, not the print head problem. Here are some solutions, including the storage and use of sublimation inks.

Regarding the problem of head blockage, sometimes it is not a sublimation ink problem. This is because of the daily maintenance and other parts of the printer. We also have two printers for testing paper and ink, one is Epson-F6280 and the other is two printhead printers made in China.

Our printers sometimes have problems, and if they don't use it for a few days, they are disconnected. Below is the test draw.

After cleaning and checking, it will be fine.

The print head is not easy to block, and the reasons and methods for solving the problem of blockage of the print head are as follows.

1.If the printer is not used for a few days, the printer is easy to dry. The ink is also very sensitive to the environment. Please check the wiper and ink stack

1) First, clean the wiper and ink tank first. Sometimes the wiper is dirty, the ink pile is dirty, and the print head is contaminated. Then print, it will break, you can clean the wiper and ink stack with cleaning solution, after cleaning, put some cleaning solution inside. The ink pile is then immersed in the printer for the first day. Let the printer get wet. After that, please print the test drawing to see if it is normal, if there is still a problem, please clean the printer deeply.

2) Check the ink stack to see if the ink is blocked by dirt. If it is dirty, the ink will not come out. Look at the ink stack for leaks. If the printer head and the ink stack are not well fixed, the ink stack will leak, so the power is not enough and the ink cannot be discharged. We have customers who say that our sublimation ink is clogged, the ink stack is leaked after checking the ink stack, and there is no problem printing after replacing the new ink.

2.The print head is not easy to block, because the sublimation ink particles are small, the print head also has a damper, and the damper has a filtering function. If the particles are large, the damper is not passed, the ink passes through the damper, and the particles are small. Will not block the printer head

The damper also needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is printed for a long time, the damper will be dirty. Then the ink can't pass through the damper. The print head has no ink. It is considered to be an ink problem, but sometimes it is because the damper is blocked, so please first Clean the damper. If it is still clogged after cleaning, the damper can be replaced and the damper needs to be replaced regularly.

Do it all, let the printer clean deeply and then print. If it is still broken, please insist on printing about 20m solid color, let the ink run out, let the printer print for a long time, see if it is OK.

Our printing sometimes prints broken wires, wipers after wiping, ink stacks, after using these methods, print about 20m, it doesn't matter, please try.

If you try it all the time, the print head will also be blocked. It may be necessary to replace the printer head. The print head also has a shelf life, and printing about 30,000 / m2 needs to be replaced with a new one.


In addition, sublimation inks are very sensitive to heat. Sometimes the weather is hot, the environment changes, the surface of the ink is easy to dry, and the viscosity of the ink increases, so the ink cannot be printed.

Therefore, the ink storage environment is very important. Shake well before use before use.

It will also send you the storage and use of Sublimation ink.






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