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When we install a new sublimation printer

posted on  2018-06-07 17:33:03

1. When we install a new sublimation printer, we can put some ink/cleaning liquid on the capping station(s) which can help to drive out the air between capping station and print head, it’s good to filling ink.

Press Enter again to stop filling ink.
3. After head cleaning, print a test draw to check the status of head nozzles.

This is the test draw

Test Printing
(K C M Y Y M C K) (From left to right)
If some nozzles do not fire, please do more head cleaning, there is no need to ink filling again.
How to do head cleaning:
1.Press Cleaning on LCD
2.Press right botton choose weak/strong and press Enter
3.Choose which head you need to clean

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