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Why choose our Stepper Motor Automatic Contour Cutting Plotter

posted on   2019-06-17 09:56:22

Now we use Contour Cutting with ARMS, and the system is ''SIGNMASTER''. 

The interface is simpler, the operation is simpler, and it is easier for novices to get started. Moreover, our machine uses the camera to patrol the edge. For the reflective material, the infrared patrol is difficult to fix the position, but the camera could do it.


For more features of our cutting plotter, pls check below info.

1.The domestic novel integration sports car design, the strong torsion rigid structure, guarantees the triaxial verticality, causes the cutting machine precision to be higher.
2.Imported high-precision integrated steel barbed shaft, stronger grasping force, high distribution paper device, to ensure that the whole paper rolling machine is not offset.
3.Double shaft adopts advanced high-power motor and micro-step subdivision driving mode to provide sufficient power.
4.The machine adopts all aluminum and sheet metal design, more show high quality.
5.The Chinese and English display can be switched at will, which makes the operation more convenient.
6.Using the industry's advanced arm-32-bit kernel MCU design motherboard and software as well as machinery, the three together.
7.Fuselage memory enough to engrave large files without worries.
8.With shielding box anti-interference power supply, the machine is more stable and reliable.
9.USB and USB/serial port, compatible with Windows and Mac OS version of the operating system.
10.The direct output of various software, such as venter, master of engraving and drawing, CDR, SIGNMASTRE and so on, allows you to type and design a variety of options.








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