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Why most customers choose the EPSON printer for using sublimation ink ?

posted on  2018-09-10 12:59:21

1.On the desktop printer for sublimation ink , 90% of them are EPSON printers as the mainstream, the other 5%,in European and American markets,some people will use the SAWGRASS brand printers, which mounted the sublimation ink cartridge directly, with the Ricoh print head.

2.The main reason for customers choose Epson printer for sublimation ink: EPSON is using piezoelectric print head, more suitable for sublimation ink and no limits for dye ink. Besides ,the EPSON print head is more durable, and the output effect is also better than other printer. Canon, HP and other brands printer, are using the hot bubble print head, which is not suitable for sublimation ink.

3.About the wide format printers in the market, like Roland, Mutoh and so on, in fact, the core components (their print head )is EPSON, such as DX5/DX6/DX7, 5113, suitable for sublimation ink.

So to concluded, the key condition for sublimation ink is the print head , instead of the printer brand.






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