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Why sublimation printing paper scraping ink happens?

posted on   2019-08-26 10:21:51

Some times, during your Digital Printing procedures, you may meet different problems, such as your sublimation printer may scraping ink when you printing sublimation transfer papers. But why sublimation printing paper scraping ink happens?


Firstly, it happens because of the quality of the transfer paper. The paper curls itself when you printing, it is influenced by the production and coating process.


Secondly, the printing environment isn’t suitable for the papers’ printing. If the humidity is very low, it will makes the paper curl, even ink blots happens. We advise you control the printing environment humidity between 55% - 65%.


Thirdly, you didn’t put the sublimation transfer paper into the printer properly, then the paper can not runs smoothly.


Forth, the printed paper put in too high position. The papers will becoming softer, if put the printed paper too high, it will makes sublimation printing paper scraping ink.







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