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Why the sublimation paper has drying problem ?

posted on 2018-02-26 10:25:35

Why the sublimation paper has drying problem ? Why my sublimation paper dries too slow?


With the development of high speed machine, like EPSON, MIMAKI and MOTUH. The traditional sublimation paper are updating to fast dry too. If the paper dries too slowly, it will influence the production badly, so now, the fast dry sublimation paper already replaced the traditional sublimation paper. But still many clients meet the problem with the drying speed. There are many factors as the below information:

The drying time is related with the printing temperature and the relative humidity, normally the recommended printing temperature is 25℃ (77℉). And relative humidity is 53%.

If the temperature is below 25℃ (77℉) , there’s no enough heat for the paper to dry very fast. On the other hand, if the relative humidity is higher than 53%, which means there are too much moisture in the air, it’s like in the raining days, the clothes always dry very slowly.

When you meet with those two problem, one extra heat drier or dehumidifier will help you solve the problem very easily.

Most of the new printers , like EPSON, it has a build-in drier in the printer itself, if you are still using the old machine (plotter), it’s better to set up an extra heat drier , or update your machine into the new one. Buy a new machines seems rather expensive , but in a long way , it will solve more problems and save your cost .






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