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Why there still need Sublimation Transfer Paper

posted on  2018-09-03 13:15:06

Why there still need Sublimation Transfer Paper, because there has already the technology of printing directly on the fabric.

1.Sublimation Transfer Paper is mainly used on light-colored non-cotton fabric, while direct printing can make up for deficiencies of Sublimation Transfer Paper.

2.Direct printing is the future development trend, which is mainly for cotton fabric.

3.Direct printing has several kinds, one is first treatment, then print with ink, and wash, which has a high cost; Another is firstly print and print again on the white base(mainly for T-shirt personality customization), which cost is very high, especially white ink. Here is a point you should know no matter the white toner or white ink, the price is very expensive.

4.Compared with direct injection, the thermal sublimation process is simpler and more environmentally friendly.






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