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How to identify the Sublimation Ink, the applicable printer and printing head

In the course of using the Sublimation Transfer Paper, a few of customers will have some doubts or find our paper are not suitable for their machines. However, our paper can be used on various kinds of Inkjet Printers, such as Epson. 

Of course, in the first, our clients had better tell us the printer models for our reference. Because different clients from different countries will have some special needs for the paper, such as the weight, width and length according to their printers, even the transferred objects.

For the Sublimation Ink, mainly dependent on the print head. Usually, EPSON is commonly used, which is divided into several series according to different quality, especially the ink concentration. As far as I know, ST0201 is better because of its relatively high black concentration and bright color.

When introducing the ink, we need to know our client’s printer model, the thickness of the paper that our clients currently use and if there have any requirements for black ink. 

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