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how to use transferable film on dark transfer paper

posted on  2019-01-24 17:50:26

When you print the image on the dark transfer paper,you can use plotter to curve the paper and transfer tshirt to achieve the hollow effect.

you should do as following steps.

open the image , adjust the size ,contouring tracing, add mark

Then you print the picture directly.

After you print the picture, you cut the dark transfer paper by plotter.

First, place the dark transfer paper onto the hot fixed film after paper printed by printer.

Put into the cutter plotter and move the laser to the right position

Then, the plotter will point the cut and scan the position point

After plotter cut the outline, you should weeding the needless parts


Finally, you should stick the Transferable film on the transfer tape

Put the T-shirt on the flat bottom board

Press down the heating board for 3 seconds, in order to make the T-shirt more flat.

Put the dark transfer paper on the right position of T-shirt.

Temp: 165   time: 15s

Peeling on warm or cold

It’s finish









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