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New Technology PET Film Digital Printing

Posted on 2020-11-12 16:26:02


  1. Equipment and Consumables Required


  • 6 color inkjet printers (A4/L805 and A3/L1800 desktop printers, it should be noted that the printer must be artificially modified, and with THE RIP software, we will add a large format printer and shake powder machine scheme in later use.)


  • Five colors of paint ink, C, M, Y, K and W (the ratio of color ink and white ink consumption is 45 to 100, so customers need to pay attention to the purchase)


  • Digital printing film (7.5 microns in thickness, A4, A3 in size, 0.61*100m in reel)


  • shaking head hot stamping machine or oven (direct pressure heating plate from the bottom too high distance, uneven heating, not easy to be heated; Industrial ovens are recommended to be used for ovens to be verified.)


  • Hot melt powder (particle size 80-170 microns)


  • Tray (it is recommended to use plastic tray, iron and stainless steel tray may have static electricity, resulting in the following uncertain situation)


  1. Operation Process


  • Use a printer with paint ink to print the image on a digital print film


  • Immediately after printing, sprinkle the hot-melt powder on the printed pattern (to prevent the pattern ink from drying and the hot-melt powder cannot stick to the pattern), and shake off the hot-melt powder on the part other than the pattern to prevent excess hot-melt powder remaining on the film


  • Set the temperature of the hot stamping machine to 180 ° C, put the printed film in the center of the pad, bake 40-50s, and glue powder is melted and spread on the pattern


  • The temperature of the hot stamping machine is set at 180℃ and the time is 8-10s. Press the hot stamping machine to transfer the pattern to the fabric




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